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This overlooked practice will help you connect with crystals

Metaphorical mushy kids crap? Or essential key to hearing crystals?

Have you ever heard the expression 'the heart knows'? The heart is the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy in the human body, our hearts are constantly emanating light, and this field around the heart is a 'Torus'; a doughnut shape extending out in all directions, with a central axis. And It is much more powerful than the field generated by the brain. Scientist, Dr. Rollin McCraty P.hd. has done extensive research into Heart-Brain Coherence. For anyone reading this who is getting overwhelmed or turned off by these science-y words, let me demonstrate with this simple example; Dr. Rollin's Picture experiment: A group of adults were shown various photos and pictures and their responses monitored “The heart responded (according to the monitoring equipment) even before a picture flashed on the computer screen. It appeared to know what was coming—it displayed what is called ‘precognition’. If the picture that was going to display, but hadn’t yet, was one of the gruesome ones, the heart showed an arousal response, and sent preparatory information to the brain so that the rest of the body could get ready as well. Sometimes this happened up to 6 seconds before the picture flashed on the screen!” The heart is also holographic and can be measured from 3 feet away from any point or angle, the heart contains more neurons Than muscle cells, in fact the heart is 60% neurons! Neurons (also called nerve cells) are the fundamental units of the brain and nervous system, the cells responsible for receiving sensory input from the external world, for sending motor commands to our muscles, and for transforming and relaying the electrical signals at every step in between) Basically the heart is a mini brain, but the heart perceives the truth more readily than the brain. Not only that, but our heart, and it's/our emotions, are our only first true hand experiences, as everything our brain gives us is filtered through; such as visuals, we see something, it takes nerve impulses and light to decode and generate images, so they are literally ‘all in our head’. Dr McCraty summarised his findings as follows: “Of greatest significance here is our major finding: namely… evidence that the heart is directly involved with the processing of information about a future emotional stimulus seconds before the body actually experiences the stimulus… What is truly surprising about the result is the fact that the heart appears to play a direct role in the perception of future events,at the very least it implies that the brain does not act alone in this regard.” All of those cheesy song lyrics and Disney-esque sayings; "listen to your heart", "follow your heart", "I know in my heart" just got real right? Being in touch with how we feel is more powerful, and accurate than making logical decisions with our brains, (besides our thoughts are heavily influenced by so many different forms of programming) every time we give in to "what the heart wants/desires", as opposed to what we think is best for us, that is an authentic decision. (This is also where we learning the difference between ego, addiction, lust, and true hearts desires come into play.) Oh and if you want to use the enhance your intuition, you definitely need to work on your heart connection! Remember "the heart appears to play a direct role in the perception of future events", so it's not just the purple spectrum or '3rd eye' crystals that help you develop intuition. Opening up and connecting to your 'heart centre', especially when working with 'heart based' crystals is so important! Crystals have so much to share and teach us, but as they don't have little mouths, we must learn to 'listen with our hearts'. I will be sharing some of my favourite 'heart based' crystals with those of you coming to met 'Beyond Rose Quartz' workshop this Sunday 6th June. A reminder, those in attendance will also be receiving the 13th Rite of the womb attunement, (Munay-Ki, Peruvian Shamanism), If you have any issues with your sacral chakra, this is not to be missed! Not too late to join us, full details here If your ready for a full on deep dive, intensive crash course into the world of crystals with all of my 8 years expereicne condensed into one day, you may also be interested in my Sensing Crystal Energy Workshop next Sunday 13th June. If you read this to the end, thank you! Namaste, Bianca x


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