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Munay-Ki Rite's

What are the Munay-Ki Rites?

“The prophecies of the ancient Americas speak about a period of great transformation, and foretell of a new human appearing on the planet – persons of wisdom and power who live free of fear and abide in their eternal nature, Homo luminous.

The Rites of the Munay-Ki transform and upgrade your luminous energy field. They are energetic transmissions that heal the wounds of the past-the karmic & genetic programs and beliefs you inherited.  They re-inform your DNA, enabling you to grow a new body that ages, heals, and dies differently.

“The Munay-Ki is your invitation to dream an entire new world into being.” – (Alberto Villoldo

When you have been initiated into the 9/10 rites of the munay-ki you become an ‘earth keeper’. 

Earth keepers are the medicine people of the world, those that are here to help birth in new earth, and those that are here to transmute and transform themselves.

These transmissions work with your luminous energy field, to Clear and instruct your DNA. (on an energetic level) 


Munay-Ki were passed through to the shamans of the Andes and the Amazon, and have now spread to the west.

These energetic transmissions heal the wounds of the past – both the genetic and karmic inheritance we are born with, anything that was picked up in the womb, and also that we have created through the experience of trauma in our life, that has been encoded into our luminous energy field. 

The rites help you to feel and connect to the  wisdom of the “luminous ones”, those who have broken the bounds of linear time and now dwell in the eternal. This in turn allows initiates to awaken to memories of the past, and access future memories of knowledge that exist outside of the current timeline.  

The foundational rites help you to awaken to and understand the luminous nature of life. And give you the tools to access the lineage rite and the rites to come; where you ‘become’ an earth keeper, and gain assistance. 

Why Become initiated? What do they do?

Becoming initiated in Munay-ki can help you; 

  • Transform your life from scarcity to grace and abundance. 

  • Helps you navigate spiritual changes, that have happened since the wake of 2012

  • Helps create conscious awake human beings that can help bring in new earth. 

  • Help anyone who works with spirit or energy develop their craft and practice on a deeper level. 

  • Helps you along your personal healing journey and transformation. 

  • Helps to guard you from disease that is picked up vibrationally or energetically. 


During your initiation processes - through the workshops and ceremonies, I will give you more background and understanding of the rites as well as the Philosophies and practices around the munay-ki as a whole. Much of this information I will put into your workbooks, which will also help guide you to connect to this experience on a personal level. 

Through the fire ceremonies, you will commit to nurturing and growing these rites, and connect fully, with them, yourself, and fellow earthkeepers, so that this practice becomes a habit that you can take far into the future. It is also an opportunity to call in new earth each and every time we come together. . 


Some people become interested and infatuated with a thirst for esoteric knowledge. 

Some people become intrigued in the how to’s and scientific why’s of spiritual practices. 

Some people use spirituality as a new identity and a way to feed ego. 

Some people use spirituality as a front to make money. 

But people that are called to become and walk the path of the earth keepers, and receive these rites, have received the call from spirit, or have always longed to help make a difference in this world. Those that find themselves in the position of receiving these rites, that come with clear intention and open heart, soon find themselves amongst like minded soul family, and the company of earth keepers who lived thousands of years ago


Starting this summer I will be bestowing the 10 rites of the munay-ki upon all those who feel called to come forth to receive them. 

I have held and nurtured these rites for 4 years, and now feel it is time to share these, to help assist my fellow warriors in creating and bringing in new earth. 


How You can Receive the Rites starting this year:

I am starting with the 13th rite of the womb, of which there will be two parts. 

1st date to receive the 13th rite of the womb in ceremony will be at Shakti Lounge, Southend on sea; 9/7/22 1pm - 2pm. (£10 energy exchange) This rite is the only rite that is intended specifically for women, men are welcome to attend part 2 of this.  

This will be part of Shakti lounge's event day, you can book your space for receiving the rite of the womb by calling them on 07543393276


I will then be holding a fire ceremony to nurture this rite (but you can also receive it there if you can not make the 9th) on southend beach on 20/7/22, £10 energy exchange for those receiving the rite there, location and times tbc, please join the telegram group for further details and updates: or search Munay-Ki 2022 with Bianca Eleanor’ on telegram. 


The fire ceremony on the 20/7/22 will also include drumming, men are welcome to attend to hold space for the women receiving the rite on this day, and also to join in our celebrative drumming. If you are NOT receiving the rite on the night there is no fee/charge.  

On both occasions you will receive a workbook to help you understand and nurture your rite. 


Moving forward there will be 1 rite given each month, a workshop and ceremony held on a weekend afternoon, all with workbooks included, and a fire ceremony and drumming circle held later in the month on a weekday evening, to nurture this rite . You do not have to attend the fire ceremonies, they are optional.

If you can not make a weekend workshop to receive the rite itself, I will be happy to give it to you at the fire ceremony, along with a workbook, but bare in mind you will miss the experience of the workshop around it and the opportunity to ask questions and discuss etc. The fire ceremonies also create a space to talk and share about how we have felt since receiving the last rite. 


After the rite of the womb, I will be starting from the 1st rite and continuing onwards through them all one per month, the energy exchange will be £40 per rite. This includes both the workshop and ceremony on a weekend, your workbook and the fire ceremony, you will also receive a crystal/gemstone pi stone if you complete every rite.

(Please take into consideration there are various other costs and overheads for this other than my time) If you intend to be fully initiated and want to pay upfront for all of the workshops I can offer a discount, please get in touch to discuss. 

Optionally you can pick and choose which rites you want to receive/which workshops you want to attend.


If you miss a rite/month and want  to receive it I will be holding a catch up day, at the end of the cycle. 


Overview with dates & times to be confirmed: 


July 2022

Rite of the womb (Click here for more info on this rite)

9/7/22, receive rite: workshop/ceremony Shakti Lounge, southend 

20/7/22 Nurture rite: Fire ceremony & drumming circle, Southend Beach (exact details tbc, please join the telegram group for up to date details, link above)


Foundation rites:


August 2022 

1. The Healers Rite 


September 2022

2. The Bands of power 

October 2022

3.  TheHarmony Rite 

November 2022

4. The Seer’s Rite 

The Lineage Rites:


December 2022

5. The Daykeepers Rite 


January 2023

6. The Wisdom Keepers rite 


February 2023 

7. The Earthkeepers rite 


The Rites of the Time To Come: 


March 2023

8. The starkeepers Rite 


April 2023 

9. The creator Rite - (Pi stone given if you have completed all rites by point)


Catch up date for anyone who has missed rittes and wishes to receive them, The 10th rite is the ‘13th rite of the womb’.

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