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Crystal Healing

Rooted in Ancient Wisdom & 

Elemental Medicine 


What is Crystal Healing?

Stressed? Low energy? spaced out? I cant help!

if you are experiencing constant low mood, suffering from depression or grieving, please take a look at my Crystal Transpersonal Therapy 

Crystal healing is an alternative, complimentary and holistic therapy practice which involves using the ancient techniques of laying on stones to the body in specific places and patterns, to heal ailments and dis-eases. 

Every 'thing' in the universe is energy, and each thing has its own vibrational frequency and energy signature, including Crystals, mineral and gemstones. Crystals are made up of elements (Think periodic table) many of these elements occur naturally in our bodies or are taken in modern medicine even today, for example calcium carbonate found in crystals such as Calcite, Limestone and Aragonite are found in 'Rennies' anti acid tablets. Crystals such as Petalite, Kunzite and Lepidolite and Lithium quartz, literally contain Lithium, which is one of the ingredients in many of todays anti-depressant medications. Crystals also have a 'crystalline structure' that is more stable than our own, and it is this that gives them the ability to help bring out own energy and energy bodies back into a more harmonious state. 

The medicinal use of crystals and gemstones is present in some way, in practically every ancient culture and civilisation in recorded history. 

Crystals are the earths natural medicine, and seeds that bridge the gap to the language of our soul, helping us to heal in order to discover or true natures and authenticity. 

Crystals work to heal physical ailments by treating the root cause of the issue. I also use energy healing modalities such as Reiki, to ease immediate physical pain.  

Crystal healing can be enjoyed by all, and you do not have to have any 'issues' or ailments to benefit from it. Regular Crystal Healing sessions are great for stress management, taking timeout to connect to your spiritual side, and connect fully with yourself. 99% of clients always walk away feeling more relaxed, energised and focused. 


What happens?

a deeper connection and sense of self, deep healing on a soul level

Digital pre assessment 

60 minute session 

Mini reading  

Email of findings with advice 

I build a bespoke session based around your needs

During your digital pre assessment I will ask you about your life in general and any concerns or reasons you want to come for the session, I do this so I can prepare the right selection of crystals and tools to bring on the day. 

In a session you will lay on a therapy bed, remaining fully clothed throughout, and expertly selected crystals will be places on specific parts on and around your body. 

Unlike Crystal Transpersonal Therapy, where we tackle sessions with a purpose linked to an emotional issue, my Crystal healing sessions are more spontaneous, and I work on whatever presents itself to me in the session. At some point during each session I will check your chakra system, and aura for blockages, leaks and balance etc. But sessions go far beyond chakra balance and not limited to that. 

Sessions often include the use of:

  • Singing bowls 

  • Tuning forks 

  • Guided meditation 

  • Reiki & Other energy healing modalities 

  • Shamanic Techniques 

  • Divination 

  • Essential oils, smudges and sacred herbs


All of the above will be discussed before your session, to make sure you are both comfortable with these and do not have allergies etc. 

Hands on healing (hands placed directly on the body is discretionary also. 

If and when more complex issues arise as a result of these sessions you can book in a Crystal Transpersonal Therapy session where I can offer you more support and tackle things such as 'inner child healing' and 'past life work'. 

Many people simply enjoy the sacred self care time and keep to regular crystal healing sessions.


Who's it for?

Best for:

Book this service if:

Anyone who want to manage stress or treat themselves to some sacred self care. 

You do not have to have any particular issues or ailments to enjoy or benefit from this treatment

  • Fertility issues 

  • Sleep issues 

  • Pain management 

  • Cellular regeneration after physical illness 

  • Relaxation 

  • Balancing and unblocking chakras 

  • Keeping the aura free from attachments, leaks and holes

  • Hormonal issues 

  • Stress relief 

  • Balancing your Lymphatic System

  • Identifying causes of dis-ease 

  • Looking after your subtle body

Have this treatment if you want to:


  • Feel emotionally balanced 

  • Feel calmer 

  • Sleep better

  • Feel more vitalised 

  • Manage ‘flare ups’ of an illness 

  • Manage stress levels 

  • Take time out for relaxation 

  • Improve your relationships with others


Illnesses crystal healing can help manage: 


  • Diabetes 

  • Blood pressure 

  • Eye problems 

  • Stomach related issues such as IBS 

  • Pregnancy related ailments 

  • Arthritis 

  • Fibromyalgia 

  • Chrons disease 

  • Back pain 

This service is safe for pregnant women. 

All ages and gender's welcome, however children under 16 years old will need to be accompanied by and adult to sit in on the session. 

Ridiculously affordable, Amazing Value at just £50 per session 


Please note I have currently disabled the online booking system  please call the number below.

or text 'call back' followed by your name (e.g. Call Back Julia) to the number below and I will call you back 

to discuss or book a session

07572 08 4460

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