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Journey inwards, discover your soul purpose, release fear, set your goals for 2022 and beyond. 

How we think about ‘reality’ and our lives has shifted this year. 

Let's stop pretending things are still normal or will go back to ‘normal’; those old systems that weren’t working anyway. 

Adaptation, change and transformation is calling for all of us. As we shift into this new ‘AIR’a of Aquarius,Those old goals you had may need to shift too. 

We need to stop trying to conform, chasing something we were in the past, and the things we think we should be, stop trying to fit in the box, it doesn’t fit! Take the lid off as we shift into these new paradigms and give yourself permission to dream in your soul desires. 

Let go of who you think you SHOULD be, start being who you truly ARE! 


Yes you can thrive and make 2022 a year of spectacular personal growth and inner discovery, feeling full of passion and purpose! Even with all the intensity happening in the world right now! 


Who is it for? 


Have you spent the last year feeling like you're on a stop start rollercoaster? That your whole life and aspirations had to go on hold, because of uncertainty? Are you sick of feeling like your ‘waiting’? 


Has a massive life change; having a baby, losing a loved one, lost your industry, a new health complication put your head and heart in a spin? Has it left you feeling disorientated and ungrounded? Lifes happening to you and around you, floating through the motions without fully feeling any of it?  


Feel like you’ve lost a part of yourself? Not knowing who you are or what makes you happy anymore?


Do you have a case of ‘I’ll be happy when’; once I’ve moved house, when I'm in a relationship, when I’ve finished my degree, Once I’ve been on vacation, When I’ve made x amount of money? 


We can all have good intentions to ‘be better’, ‘work on myself’... but what does that look like? What does that mean? In this workshop we will go deep within, reflect, and discover until you have a crystal clear plan to manifest your dreams in 2022 and beyond! 


Stop fighting FOR your fears: I can’t because of XYZ 


Would you rather live the same year again? The one you're not satisfied with, or Wake up everyday knowing your soul purpose, knowing you can take actions towards it if you wish? 

A goal without a plan is just a wish! 


Imagine how amazing it will feel to have concrete personal goals for 2022 to focus on, having the knowledge of what’s holding you back. Working on developing a better sense of self not only increases your personal power and self esteem, it can be the anchor you need, and my new workshop ‘crystal coaching for soul alignment’ is here to be your compass for 2022 and beyond. 


Give yourself permission and space to listen and connect with yourself, get off autopilot, remove worry, and excuses and examine who you really are at your core! 

Release your fears, step into alignment. 


When you're in alignment with your soul’s purpose and desires, the universe is there to support you and match your vibration, only you can bridge the gap between giving and expressing your talents out into the world! 


Even if you believe in reincarnation, this particular life your living now will not repeat, this is NOT a dress rehearsal! 

We can not wait, until things get back to ‘normal’ to LIVE our best lives! 


We all tell ourselves we will schedule this self check in time, only to fall asleep, or end up scrolling on the sofa. Commit to this and come and get support not only from me but also from the mineral kingdom and the crystal allies. 

This is for anyone; starseeds, lightworkers, Jo blogs, yes you ‘I’m just Susan that works in Tescos’, Lost souls, the overachievers, those already loving life, those who feel broken right now, Men, Women, old and young. Anyone that wants to take inventory of the soul for the next phase of life on planet earth. 

“Research now seems to indicate that one hour of inner action is worth seven hours of out-in-the-world action. Think about that. You’re working too hard.”

-Jack Canfield  

What we will cover: 

  • Analyse our current goals 

  • Take inventory on our current lives

  • Claim our core values 

  • Identify our fears and stories 

  • Release any fear and doubts 

  • Discover our inner desires 

  • Tune into your intuition 

  • Reflect on our Jing

  • Seek out our souls purpose 

  • See what is in alignment 

  • Realise our potential and opportunities 

  • Make plans to reach our goals 

  • Discover Crystals that can help us along the way and how we can use them

  • How you can sync with the moon’s cycle to achieve your goals


This workshop runs at various venues across the year.

Coming from someone who has spent £100's on self development coaches/courses I can safely say this is a condensed version of stuff you would normally pay a LOT more for! Anytime I deliver a workshop it is content and activity heavy. There is always a lot of Doing, and not just me waffling on, I can not stand this big sales wigs who promise you life changing content and deliver one fact or the simplest technique you could have read for free in a book amongst a load of jumbo. 

An average 1 2 1 or group coaching call like this ranges from £40 per hour to £500 per hour. 

And doesn't include expert crystal knowledge! 

The price of this workshop various depending on location, Please contact me to request this in your area or venue. This workshop works well with around 3 - 6 people. 

Runs for approx 6 hours depending on the amount of participants. 


Things you will need:


Printed workbook provided, you may want to also bring your journal or extra paper. 

Black or blue pen (to show up on my colourful workbook)

Anything to make yourself feel more comfortable, depending on the season and location (this workshop runs at various venues throughout the year) 

Any of the crystals included in the workbook (don't worry if you have none of them! you can learn about them and obtain any that you feel called to work with after the workshop, you are welcome to bring subs; Clear quartz, Black Tourmaline, Smokey quartz and Amethyst if you have these) 

- Black Obsidian 

- Pieterisite 

- Fluorite 

- Clear/White/Silver Topaz 

- Scolecite 

- Charoite &/or Chaiorite w/ Tinaksite: 

- Rose calcite 

- Pistachio/. Seafoam Green Calcite 

 For use in your work beyond the workshop you may want to use/obtain; 

  • Ruby 

  • Tigers eye 

  • Vanadinite 

  • Carnelian  


An open mind and a desire to shift what is holding you back. 

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If you are new to me, and just surfed in, you may be wondering....'Who are you anyway?'
















Well hello there! I am Bianca Eleanor, a Passionate, experienced and Fully qualified Crystal Therapist, Crystals saved my life, and it's now my life passion to help others grow through what stye go through, If you would like to learn more about my credentials or personal story you can find it here. 

Hope to see you there soul tribe, Namaste & Crystal Blessings, Bianca.

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NEXT DATE 15/01/22
10AM - 4PM

Southend on Sea

Crystal Coaching For Soul Alignment

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