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Crystal Gridding 

Do you want to learn to crystal grid with complete confidence? 

Do you look at photos of pretty crystal grids on social media, but feel overwhelmed? Wonder where to start? Or perhaps you make them but wonder if you have 'done it correctly'?

Then you need my Crystal Grid With Confidence workshop, where you will learn to make crystal grids that go beyond looking pretty, and make a powerful impact on your life! 

Crystal Grids are a powerful manifestation tool, and can be used for just about anything, including healing/distance healing, abundance, love, clarity etc. 


This is a new and improved workshop, where you will also learn some of my signature 'crystal basics' (often missed out in other courses) that will help you harness crystal energy more effectively.

As well as beautiful informative physical copy of my Crystal Gridding Ebook worth £10

In this workshop we will cover:

Creating sacred space

preparing for stone work
How to choose, clarify and set your intention
Selecting and preparing your stones

Sacred geometry
Numerology in gridding

Crystal lattices

Other grid components 
Where to grid
Activating grids
charging grids
Maintaining grids
Deactivating grids

All of this information will be included in your incredible take home booklet, for you to reference as you carry on gridding at home and beyond. 

This is a hands on workshop where you will have the chance to create your own grid that will be part of a giant crystal mandala. 

you may like to bring with you (optional): 


A drum, rattle, tambourine or similar instrument. 

A cushion or yoga matt as we will be working on the floor for part of the workshop. (assistance & chairs available to those with medical conditions/injuries on the day)  

Anything else you wish to include in your personal grid, such as natural objects. You are welcome to bring your own 

Cost dependent on location & Venue


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