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Crystal therapy and crystal healing works by utilizing the energies of crystals, gemstones and minerals, to re-align our own subtle bodies and energy systems, that have a direct effect on our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Every crystal/gemstone, holds its own unique energy, that gives it a unique list of healing abilities.

This is how crystals 'work'

Some of the ways Crystal energy is transferred to humans are; Far infrared, Piezoelectricity and pyroelectricity. (explained further with examples later)

You may have heard of Albert Einstein's famous equation; 'E=MC2'. This equation means that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY.

Although all solid objects are made up of 'atoms', broken down further, these atoms are made up of vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating. (each one radiating its own unique energy signature)

Our senses act as a vibration translator;

Sight – Translate photon vibrations into the colours we see and the colours visible to us on the colour spectrum. Hearing – Translate sound wave frequencies into the notes we hear. Think about how headphones work or what happens to grains of sand atop a drum if you were to bang it. Smell – Translates molecule into different odours. We either like or dislike, depending on how they vibrate together with our own energy signature. Touch – Translates vibration into textures that stimulate our nerves, thus bringing different sensation



Furthermore this extends to consciousness. This is also a vibrational energy, think about thoughts emitted from our brain, likened to a radio tower, receiving and emitting different frequencies.

The human body, like all living things is made up of 'atomic particles'. To create solid matter, these atomic particles need to be arranged into a definitive pattern, this is called a crystalline structure or 'lattice'. This Includes DNA molecules, which are hexagonal crystalline structures.

Crystals also have their own crystalline structures, and therefore all crystals/gems are energy in crystalline structure.

And we as humans are made up the same crystalline structure, (A human crystal), this makes us very receptive to receiving crystal energy.

Being billions of years old, crystals have the most orderly crystalline structure, it is because of this crystals respond to all inputs of different energies around them.

Gems have the ability to absorb, reflect and radiate different frequencies of light and transfer light in the form of ions, to the lymphatic fluids and blood plasma.

Having a crystal around you or close to you, will effect your 'subtle body'; the magnetic fields around your body, which are not visible with the eye, but scientifically detectable and measurable. Also known as your 'Aura'.

Your Aura can also be photographed using 'Kirlian' photography.

When crystals are placed on your bodies different energy points; Chakras, meridians etc. (think acupuncture and reflexology, holistic practices that have not been shunned in modern day) they will balance your 'endocrine system.' which in turn balances your hormones.

The Endocrine system in your body comprises of ductless glands, that produce your natural chemicals/Hormones. Hormones act as 'chemical messengers' to your brain and include, adrenalin, insulin, oestrogen and progesterone, which are secreted into your bloodstream.

When your hormones are in-balanced, they can cause menstruation problems, growth of facial hair in women, Emotional unbalance; depression/anxiety/anger and fluctuating blood pressure to name a few.

Your own unique vibrational life force energy is what ancient India called 'Prana' and the Chinese call 'Chi'. Crystals help bring your vibrational energy into balance.

Crystals are used in the running of Watches, Computers, Radios LCD screens and mobile phones.


When a crystal receives a blow or rub, it builds up a tiny electrical charge.

The best example of Piezoelectricity is Quartz run watches and clocks. Most analogue clocks are run by a quartz crystal, it is the crystal that regulates the flow of energy allowing it to read the time.

“Essentially, a quartz watch is battery powered. The watch uses a low-frequency tiny piece of quartz crystal (silicon-dioxide) placed either like an integrated circuit and chemically etched into shape, or shaped like a tuning fork. That quartz crystal serves as the oscillator. The battery sends electricity to the quartz crystal through an electronic circuit. The quartz oscillator vibrates quickly and with precise frequency (32768 times/second) in response to the electronic charge. The circuit counts the vibrations and generates regular electric pulses of one per second. The pulses drive the small motor that spins the watch’s hands – offering accurate time measurement (until the battery slows and dies).”

Crystals become attuned to their owners and the more they are handled the easier it is for sensitive people like crystal healers to feel the tiny vibrations crystals give off.

Quartz crystals are also 'programmable'. And can retain data for up to 300 million years. Hence why they are used in computers and radios. Crystal healers will 'program' crystals with 'intentions' which are memorized and transferred by the crystal. Some people 'talk to rocks' and believe they can receive messages from them that have been programmed into them by our ancestors or celestial beings. Scientists are currently working on blending crystals with other materials that will replace our current information storage technology, such as usb sticks.

Far Infrared

Infrared radiation is absorbed by the outermost layers of the skin, into the body, which we often feel as heat.

“Far infrared, like all the other energies of the electromagnetic spectrum, is measured by its wave length. As wave length increases, energy output decreases. The long wave length of far infrared is why it is beneficial to the body, while the short wave length of x-rays is harmful. It's all in the force of energy the wave length delivers. The fact that far infrared has a long wave length makes it a gentle but consistent vibrational power. The great thing about far infrared is that both the human body and quartz crystals emit it at about 10 microns. Because of the similarity between the two, the body gains the capability of easily being able to assimilate the crystal’s far infrared energy. In fact this ease of assimilation even has a technical term, which is "Resonance Absorption". Essentially Resonance Absorption is the ability to smoothly transfer energy between like masses. The ancient art of "laying on of hands" is physically the transference of far infrared energy from the healer to the patient, who also share between them the quality of Resonance Absorption. Because of this energy kinship between crystals and the body, each cell that receives far infrared energy can almost instantaneously transfer it to the cells next to it. This process is repeated over and over again. And within a blink of an eye millions of cells can become charged with energy. On a physical level far infrared energy vibrates the water within the body, as it gently warms every cell it comes in contact with. The gentle vibration of the body's water allows it to break up into smaller clusters. This process makes it easier for the cell to release the toxins trapped within it, which in turn helps to promote the detoxification of the body's organs.”


Pyroelectric crystals are crystals that generate electricity when heated. It is similar to piezoelectricity. Pyroelectricity is a phenomenon of certain crystals, displaying temporary voltage followed by external current, when subjected to a temperature gradient 

In summary When crystals come into contact with our bodies, the absorbed light and vibrations from the crystal will have an influence on the light communication between the cells and causes certain reactions.

Many Crystals contain elemental compounds such as Lithium, which are key ingredients in modern antidepressant medications. So whilst never advised as the only treatment you take, it is worth trying out crystal therapy as an alternate natural and painless treatment, with no side effects!

Ingested crystal medicines

Finally, The other way crystal healing can be utilized is through gem essences and crystal elixirs. Where healers set crystals with intentions, place them in water and set them under certain moon cycles.

The average adult human is 50 to 65% water. As crystals can transfer energy, they can also transfer it into water, water has memory retention, as proven by

'Dr. Emotos study on water consciousness'.

(PLEASE research this, as its too much to explain here, but amazing! There are loads of Videos on Youtube so you don’t have to read about it!)

Thus when we consume the water filled with crystal vibrations they transfer into out own human system.

If you are still in need of evidence, you can see scientific instruments measuring magnetic fields, before and after the placement of crystals, in this documentary 'Crystal Visions' from 59 minutes onwards. click here 

Check out my Youtube playlist for other great videos explaining and demonstrating 'how crystals work'. 

crystal therapist southend on sea
crystal therapy southend on sea
aura photography
Above, My personal 'Kirlian' photo 2017
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crystal healing southend on sea

skip to 20 mins for some scientific evidence of crystal energy


All literature that appears on this site is of my own personal belief, and derives from extensive study/research and personal experience. It is intended as education and can not be classified as direct medical advice. All health issues should be discussed with a professional licensed doctor.

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