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ancient alchemical stone medicine


What is Crystal Acupuncture?

Addicted? Possessed? Deep Rooted Trauma? Suffering dis-ease? I Can Help! 

You may have had or heard of 'Acupuncture', which is carried out via piercing the skin with steel needles. That is not what this is! 

The ancient practice of acupuncture started in China approximately 3000 years ago. The first documentation of acupuncture that described it as an organized system of diagnosis and treatment is in The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, which dates back to 100 BCE. 

Traditionally acupuncture was carried out not with steel needles, but by using stone chards and sometimes bone fragments. 

This very ancient and alchemical stone medicine, has strong ties to Daoism. Lost to many for centuries I have learnt this unique healing modality that has been passed down through an 88th generation Daoist Master of the Yu Qing Huang Lao Pai (Jade Purity Yellow Emperor Lao Zi School) and the Complete Reality Dragon Gate School.

Dating back to the 11th century, these particular teachings integrate spirituality into the practice that is not seen today in modern acupuncture. 

It is partially the makeup of these minerals, (stones and crystals, that are sadly no longer used in mainstream acupuncture) that bring in the alchemical and holistic aspect to acupuncture, thus leading to much deeper healing than needles alone.

What happens?

Ancestral Healing, Change Your Epigenetics, Beat Chronic Dis-ease and Generational Curses. 

I specialise in healing the Ancestral Channels and 'Dragon' treatments.  

The beauty of working through the ancestral channels is that you usually get a 2 for 1 result, whether you come for an emotional issue, or a physical one, you will usually find both your physical and emotional bodies will improve during treatments. 

Working with Dragon treatments is about deep clearing of your internal and external demons. The term 'possession' is used to describe any person who does not have full control over themselves, ranging from mild spacey-ness, addictive behaviours or a literal full on entity attachment. 

This healing modality works using the meridian system and acupuncture points. It is not based in the Chakra system, and therefore is very different to my crystal healing sessions, but with just as great, if not even more powerful results! 

Depending on your treatment you may or may not be asked to remove certain items of clothing. (unlike crystal healing and crystal therapy where you remain fully clothed the entire time). 

You will never be completely naked! Lot of blankets will be provided for your comfort and dignity. Everything will be discussed beforehand, so that you can come prepared. Some treatments only require points on the arms and legs, and therefore can be done with you wearing loose clothing. 

Some treatments require you to lay on your front, and some on your back. 

These treatments will involve some skin to skin touch. I will measure parts of your hands upon arrival, and then be pressing on certain areas of your body to locate specific points. When these points are marked out, particular crystals will be taped to these points, (via medical tape) they will not pierce the skin, as in acupuncture with needles, however some crystals do have sharp points for accuracy. 

20 minute pre assessment session via phone, video call or email

60 + Minute Crystal Acupuncuture session

(1 - 2 hours including consultation )

Email of findings 

Who's it for?

Best for:
Book this service if:
  • Anyone who simply 'doesn't feel right', but doesn't know why. 

  • Those suffering addictions of any kind

  • Those that have held trauma long term

  • Anyone who thinks they may have a generational curse, or are suffering hereditary diseases. 

  • Those with complex relationship issues

  • Clearing residual energy from lingering past life issues

  • Those with unresolved inner child issues

  • anyone who wants to take their personal self development to the next level and have a better relationship with themselves and others. 

  • You have tried other therapies and treatments before to no avail; nothing has worked so far.

  • You don't feel fully in control of your life or mind

  • You want to break free from addictions 

  • You wish to heal the root cause of an issue once and for all. 

  • If you are already self aware of the cause of issues but can't shift emotions from your body.

  • Or you feel negative emotions or energies but don't know the reason why. 

  • You want to release and clear in preparation for pregnancy or new chapter in your life.

  • You want clarity around your soul purpose

Ridiculously affordable, Amazing Value at just £80 per session 

Find out more about me, my personal story, qualifications and credentials here


I Look forward to working with you, Namaste


Not in my neck of the woods? But would still like to work with me? 
I do distance healing! 

Please note I have currently disabled the online booking system, please call the number below.

or text 'Call back' followed by your name (e.g. Call Back Julia) to the number below and I will call you back to discuss or book a session

07572 08 4460

Outside the UK? please email me or inbox me on instagram


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If you are still not sure if crystal acupuncture is the right treatment for you, I am happy to discuss with you in a no obligation free consultation, alternatively use the flow chart below;
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