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What happens next?


Pre Assessment

For crystal therapy sessions I will always do a pre assessment;

this can be done over the phone, email, or in person.


I do this so that I can prepare the best possible session for your needs.

The pre assessment is a series of questions about your self and what you would like to get out of the session with me.

Everything is 100% confidential and you do not have to answer anything that makes you uncomfortable.

Understandably it may be hard to open up to a 'stranger', but the more info you can give me, the more I can help!


On the day


I will go over the pre assessment with you, so you can notify me of any changes or updates, e.g. new medications you are on, pregnancy etc.


The session will commence


you will remain fully clothed the entire time. Please wear something that you are comfortable in.


The session will include me placing selected stones on various points of your body to cleanse, purge, heal and invoke balance.

you may sometimes engage with me through guided meditation, visualizations and affirmations.


I may also use the following in session;

smudge sticks,


essential oils

dowsing pendulums

singing bowls

Tuning forks




Oracle cards


These will be confirmed before your session and you can object to anything you are uncomfortable with.


After the session you will be given anything else required, such as gem essences or crystal elixirs, made and prescribed by myself. And then receive after-care information.


If required you can book in further sessions.


Please refrain from drinking alcohol 24 hours before a session. It is advised for you to drink plenty of water after a session to help your body release any toxins.

Try to book your appointmets on days where you can allow time to nurture yourself after the session. 

crystal healer southend on sea
crystal therapy southend on sea
Crystal healing is a non invasive inexpe
crystal healing southend on sea
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