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Hello, I am Bianca Eleanor,


I am an experienced, fully qualified & insured, passionate, Crystal Transpersonal Therapist and educator.


I have been working with crystals for over 7 years, and have undergone in person training and mentor-ship with both Judy Hall and Philip Permutt. As well as completing various other Diploma’s and study courses at institutions such as ‘The London College of Psychic Studies’. 

I am also a Stone Medicine practitioner, and have studied Chinese medicine and acupuncture, with knowledge passed down from 88th generation Daoist Priest Yuan Xu (also known as Song De), who is the current linage holder for the Jade purity school that dates back to the 3rd century CE. 


I believe in facilitating personal growth and power, with a combination of elemental medicine rooted in ancient wisdom and transpersonal psychology.


My work with Crystals and stones is ever evolving, as is my exploration and development in all spiritual paths and healing modalities.


I hold the 9 rites of the Munay-ki and the 13th rite of the womb, and also incorporate many ‘Shamanic’  techniques into my work.

I am also Trained in Rahanni Celestial healing, as well as being a Crystal Reiki Master.


I am also a mother of 2 beautiful Son's, Whom I currently 'Waldorf' home educate, a wife, and a published Author.


My Story 

my path to the mineral kingdom

My name Is Bianca, and my journey as a light worker began after the emergence from my darkest times.


A few years ago I lost everything, my best friend, my partner whom I thought I'd never loose...I lost a 'pregnancy', I lost my home, and the strength to continue to be the kind of mother I wanted to be to my 2 year old Son. No words can express how emotionally battered I was from the blend of circumstances. I was suicidal and taken to A&E on 2 occasions. All the time I felt immense guilt for letting my Son see my cry, for not being able to provide him with a stable home and loving family, thinking I alone was not enough for my Son, I reached out to my estranged Father, in a final attempt to try and build a 'support network' as the Doctors had advised me, only to hear that he would rather not get involved with me. 

Compare this to other peoples bad times and its probably a walk in the park, however its was the emotion that was OVERWHELMING! And it took a long time for me to gain mastery over my feelings again. Sleeping pills, anti depressants and CBT all did nothing for me!

Depression and anxiety consumed me day and night, until I 'awoke'.

Realizing, in my loneliest hour, that the universe had my back!

I started with meditation and breath work, then added crystals into the mix; the mineral kingdom opened up so much more to me, and within me. I no longer wanted to return to 'my old self' again, I felt like I had just been born. At the same time I started to use my oracle deck in a more holistic manor rather than for divination, and opened up a connection to my 'guides'.

Until I reached the point where most people think you've gone nuts! And to those whom have not had similar experiences, I don't blame them for thinking so!

I have now made it my life mission to help others deal with their shadow and rise to the light. 

My mission statement is to facilitate human growth and empowerment at all levels with elemental medicine rooted in ancient wisdom.

Awakening can also be lonely, as you tend to loose friends who hinder your path, but I have eventually found many amazing souls to add to my tribe, whom understand my mindset and work. I am blessed honoured and appreciative of all of them. Namaste x

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