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Ancestral Healing

The evening will consist of Meditation, self healing and a personal mini healing to each person by myself.


We will be creating an ancestral alter (In the spirit of samhain, but non traditional)


Learning how crystals play a role in this work & working on clearing our own Ancestral baggage that has been passed down through genetic memory in our DNA, and also Sending healing to our own Ancestors.


You will receive a take home message from your ancestors & handout with information spoken about during the evening, Crystals to help with Ancestral healing, and tools to help you continue the activities at home.

I have been specifically trained in person by crystal expert 'Judy Hall' to facilitate ancestral healing with Crystals.


Please bring a photo, or item of a loved one in Spirit to place on the alter, and anything else you wish to place upon it as offering to them (this will return home with you)


Free refreshments provided.


Everybody will carry some form of trauma passed down through their ancestral DNA, which is separate from your Karma/Karmic dross.

Undertaking this type of healing can help improve your life in all areas, and help to align you with your soul purpose of this lifetime.

It is also a honorable practice that enables you to be lineage breaker; healing those who have come before you and those that will come after you.


The exchange for this special evening is dependent on location and venue.

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