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Charotie With Tinaksite - Clarity on your Path Of Service

Part 5 - Crystals I will be working with in 2021

Charoite is famously known as the stone that bestows upon you a path of service and helps you to follow your dharma in helping you help others but putting your talents out into the world. A humanitarian crystal if you will.

If you are yet to find your mission or purpose in life this is a great stone to work with.

Like Shungite, this crystal is only found in Russia, take this into consideration when purchasing.

Obviously it's a great stone to wear as jewellery if you are in a service industry such as healing, therapy, health, coaching, teaching etc. Basically anything that combines both service to others but also requires use of the mind a lot or are more intimately and energetically connected to those they serve. (Let's take a moment to appreciate everyone’s services and contributions though - Mechanics, builders, farmers, and all of the less sociable but equally as important services providers in the world, thank you! :-) Charoite is for you too if you choose)

Tinaksite is a mineral in its own right; it clears mental clutter, helps positive thinking, and is a good ally in goal setting. Basically it is a get down to it and focus type of crystal, which with it’s pairing with Charoite also makes it a perfect crystal for entrepreneurs who want to figure out how to serve their audience, anyone setting out business goals, or just needing to get general focus and clarity on an idea.

Plus I love how the added Tinaksite makes the Charotie look, beautiful yellow orange and white flecks into the deep swirly purples, it does take away front he mystical look that straight Charoite has, but I enjoy the splashes of and patches of sunshine colours dotted throughout with the added Tinaskite.

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Namaste & Crystal Blessings beautiful Souls, Stay sane, speak your truth!

Bianca xx


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