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Phosphosiderite - Foundations for Your Personal Evolution

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Part 2 of stones I will be working with in 2021

(If you are not much of a reader or you want some of the content below explained further you can skip to the video at the end of this post.)

Phosphosiderite has been giving me prompt reminders the last 4 months to remember not everything that is for our highest good is easy, basically ‘yes it is hard but it is necessary’, especially when it comes to relationships.

The premier benefit of this stone for me has been the ability it has to help in removing you from relationships and people that you no longer need in your life.

I’m not going to lie, it has not been comfortable, or easy, yet ever since it has woven its way into my reality. I can't help but think sometimes ‘What would Phospersidereite say about this!’

Let's take a look at it’s make up; phosphorus and Iron are the main elements inside it.

Phosphorus is an essential nutrient for plants and animals,

(Used in fertilizers; Earth's phosphorus is being depleted at an alarming rate. At current consumption levels, we will run out of known phosphorus reserves in around 80 years.)

It’s part of DNA molecules and RNA molecules that store energy.

The primary role of RNA is to convert the information stored in DNA into proteins

Protein is essential for growth and repair and the maintenance of good health.

In metaphysical light this would mean phosphorus/phosphosiderite is here to help us become consciously aware of what is held in our DNA, whether it is ancestral trauma or dormant abilities. Once healed, transmuted or awoken they will help us grow and maintain good holistic health.

When rocks high in phosphorus are exposed to water the rock weathers out and turns into a solution - Basically it's another alchemical stone!

Now let's look at Iron. Some of Iron’s health benefits are; boosting immunity, decreasing fatigue and increasing energy levels, helps insomnia, regulation of body temperature, muscle function, and the synthesis of neurotransmitters

Stay with me and I will pull this all back together shortly!

Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that transmit a message from a nerve cell across the synapse to a target cell. The target can be another nerve cell, or a muscle cell, or a gland cell. They are chemicals made by the nerve cell specifically to transmit the message.

Iron, classically known as the Metal of Mars, has been universally perceived as the symbol of human strength, obstinacy, fortitude, honor, courage, sharpness (of body and mind), tenacity, and confidence in power.

The Iron aspect in this crystal is here to give us strength, emotionally and spiritually as well as physically; standing in our personal power, and to so we are less fatigued by all that drains us ways on us and drags us down, be it from our past, or current relationships or habits we choose. It helps us become immune from bullshit by helping us set boundaries with those who take advantage of us or add to our subconscious anxiety.

So how does Phosphosiderite also give as a relaxed feeling? And why does it not feel simply Fiery and full of yang energy? It’s not the presence of a different element altogether, it's just that Iron rich minerals help us ground, if your full of panic, can't sleep and can't focus, Iron rich minerals help us sink deep down into stillness, pulling back our energy.

Many have reported Phosphosiderite to also be helpful in financial affairs and goal setting.

Phosphersidereite although lends us this strength, does not deliver it in a pushy, hot headed, carnelian, tigers eye kind of way.

It is strong but gentle in its delivery, It calls you to look after yourself a great deal, reminding you to self nourish, and prioritise self care, and at the end of the day wants you to remove yourself from certain relationships’ for your own well being.

In this sense it is very well balanced as even though it is a good aid for goal setting and personal power, it equally reminds you; you can not give from an empty cup. And to not self neglect.

For this reason not only is it good for those that need to put some relationships to rest, and those that want to push closer to their goals, but also for those that give too much and tend to put their own well being on the back burner.

On a physical level Phosphersiderite can be used to help cell regeneration. And can also help reprogram cells if used in combination with a record keeper crystal.

The yellow spidery veins seen in most peices are inclusions of cacoxenite (pronounced ka~cox~enite). This iron alumininium phosphate mineral usually but not always occurs within other minerals.

Phosphosiderite is a 3½ to 4 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness and as well as being fairly soft it's also brittle so must be handled very carefully.

Crystal Lattice System: Monoclinic - Prismatic

Mined in The USA, Portugal, Germany, Argentina, and Chile. No idea if this is a rule of thumb but the Pieces from Chile tend to be a darker purple colour.

Energetically I feel Phosphosiderite has a 'goddess' archetypal energy, and can see it being a good crystal if you are seeking to connect to either Minerva/Athena or Kali Ma.

Phosphosiderite can be used to accelerate the first step of your personal evolution, whether you are advanced along a self development or spiritual path or not;

- Understanding your DNA and what is held in it (step one on the journey of healing your ancestral line, detaching from projected stories and breaking karmic cycles)

- Letting go of those relationships that are not for your highest good (those that keep you in negative cycles, are not on the same vibrational level as you and will ultimately sabotage or delay your personal evolution)

- Setting boundaries for yourself in all areas of life (relationships, goals, personal values, expectations of yourself, with 'spirit')

- Remembering how to look after yourself on all levels (spiritual, mental, emotional, most of us have at least 1 area in our life we neglect, deep nourishment is needed for out next step in human evolution, and especially to maintain all of the 'upgrades' coming to many of us)

I have a handful of small Phosphprsiderite Cabochons on order, if I can part with any of them they will be for sale in my facebook group or IG account soon.

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Namaste & Crystal Blessings beautiful Souls, Stay sane, speak your truth!

Bianca xx

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