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Kammererite - A Change of Heart

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Part 3 of Crystals I will be working with in 2021

(If you prefer to watch rather than read skip to the end of this post for the video)

This crystal seems to be having a little resurface on the market. Previous to now it has been a quite rare stone, I have only had a small purple piece until last year, of which I have not used extensively on clients.

Kammererite can be green, purple and sometimes a deep purple/red. Most pieces are purple or a purple and green mix. (a bit like Rolly mole)

It is not opaque like fluorite, so please shop carefully if you are new to crystals, this one is fairly expensive in comparison to say fluorite or rose quartz.

This crystal is a powerful healer that is able to work across various energetic fields, centres and bodies simultaneously

The unique thing about Kammererite is that although it is a chlorite rich stone, it is not predominantly green, like other chlorite crystals such as Chlorinated quartz and chlinaclore (market name Seraphinite) This is because it also contains Chromium.

Chlorite crystals generally help direct the flow of energy, and can be very cleansing and nourishing, often coined as a ‘shamanic’ crystal, as it helps connection to earth and nature spirits, but is also high vibrational and help obtain clear messages during meditation.

Any chlorite rich stone also helps the absorption of minerals and vitamins in the body.

Chromium as an element is used to strengthen other metals, and is also an essential trace element in humans which helps us to use glucose, your body uses it for energy.

So between these elements we have cleansing releasing, nourishing, strengthening and aiding in drawing in health and the harnessing of energy.

Thanks to the westernisation of the chakra system, new age culture tends to colour coordinate crystals to the matching ‘chakra’, however violet/purple Kammererite is not only an amazing ‘3rd eye’ crystal, it works tremendously well at the heart, the sacral and the base/root chakras.

A handful of books and healers say they have used Kammererite to help with womb related, and fertility issues.

Kammererite definitely helps connect the heart, and higher heart energy centres to the upper crown and transpersonal chakras.

It’s vibration is very unique, and the almost refreshing but warm energy it has follows through to your thought patterns; this crystal helps you see things from a fresh perspective, and coaxes you to ask yourself questions you’ve never pondered before.

It is definitely a crystal for those wishing to shift to a next level in life, particularly in a spiritual sense. If your ready for the new and the unknown, Kammererite will lead you with love, but it is not for those who are too attached to their old ways; don’t ask what's on the other side of the fence if you're just going to sit on it once you know,

If you're not ready for change, this crystal is not for you, it really calls for you to think and look at things differently and in turn do things differently in your life.

Kammererite is a stone that links the heart and mind; and helps expand your consciousness.

It is a perfect stone for those that have previously done a lot of personal work on healing their past lives/current life traumas and are now looking for ways to rediscover and reconnect to universal life force energies; i.e if you’ve been in pieces, and put yourself back together again, but your still feeling a disconnect to life, to others, to love, to spirit, This could be a perfect crystal to work with.

It would also be beneficial for those who can not seem to connect with guides, are at a cross roads in life, tarot readers, general wisdom seekers or those who are energetically burnt out, and need a spa for the soul.

This crystal is mined from Scandinavia and Turkey, With a Monoclinic crystal lattice structure.

I have noticed an energetic difference in the pieces that are predominantly purple and those that are a purple green mix, both just as potent but slightly different, I would say a green m ix is better for generic overall healing if you are looking to purchase some as a fellow healer.

If you are new to the mineral world, do look out and make sure you are not being sold 'Fluorite' as Kammererite, Fluorite is somewhat transparent where as Kammererite won't be, and the shades of green included are not generally the same as the green spectrum found in fluorite. It is great that everybody wants to help crystals pass hands nowadays but I have seen a massive increase of wrongly listed items on etsy, and even wholesalers trying to pass off crystals as something else.

Feel free to drop me a message if you would like my opinion on something you are about to. purchase. you can find me over in the Facebook group (for now, you never know when your whole account may just get deleted, which is why its always a great idea to make sure you are subscribed to my mailing list, you can find this on the homepage of All my social links are on the homepage too :-) reach out stay in touch :-)

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Namaste & Crystal Blessings beautiful Souls, Stay sane, speak your truth!

Bianca xx


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