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These crystals will help you harness the current astrological events.

Belated Solstice blessings and wishing you a magical super full strawberry moon in capricorn.

yesterday 22/06/21 Mercury finally came out of retrograde, congratulations on surviving thus far, however we are not quite out of the woods yet!

As Mercury settles down, most of us will still feel the energy hangover it leaves for the next 2 - 3 weeks, depending on how cut throat you are with dealing with other people's bullshit and making decisions.

Mercury retrograde is famous not only for malfunctioning technology, failing contracts, and

miscommunications, but also dragging back exe’s, people from your past, and any unfinished business or projects.

Sometimes this can be positive, but more often than not it is drama filled, unsettling, distracting, and stressful.

If this sounds like you lately, make the conscious decision to take charge! Ground yourself and remind yourself of why your ex is your ex, why you left them in the past, what you learnt from those past relationships, and question yourself on whether you have been or are about to get caught up in the same old patterns!

For this I would suggest working with any of the following crystals; Hematite (being present and grounding in light), Ancestralite (healing karmic patterns), Black Amber (clearing karmic dross), purple labradorite (connecting to your higher mind and being aware of changes), Black Obsidian (straight up ground and purge), Fluorite (if you just can't think straight and need mental clarity) Black Moonstone (breaking cycles)

In terms of old projects and unfinished business, apply the same logic, what were the reasons and motivations for them being left abandoned? How were you feeling about them then vs now? Let go of guilt. If the thought of going back to them fills you up with anxiety, or in fact any kind of negative emotion, then don’t force yourself to finish them.

Lots of us believe in signs from the universe, and assume that if something is popping back up enough for us to notice, it means we need to go for it…….sometimes these things pop back up literally just for us to release and let go of them from our subconscious, you know those things that weigh heavy at the back of our mind.

If you have a lot to release, dump and let go of, along with some journaling I would recommend some using some Larimar (nurturing water element stone to wash away), Rhodochrosite (helping you to forgive yourself, calm anger, and also assist in revealing your emotional motivations/thought patterns) Chrysoprase (calling in fresh energy and perspectives)

Luckily there is a full moon tomorrow, a ‘super’ Strawberry full moon in Capricorn, and a retrograde that is a lot more kinder to us; Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn, is retrograde in progressive Aquarius.

Meaning this retrograde gives us a chance to focus on our futures.

Full moons are famous for releasing, and of course charging crystals, I am hoping that this strawberry supermoon in capricorn, charges a lot of us crystalline beings up also.

I know a lot of you have had a few shitty weeks *Big hugs*.

This full moon in capricorn is a perfect time for manifesting anything to do with work, career or finance.

Because Capricorn is a responsible earth sign, this supermoon is also a great time to set foundations for all of the above.

Rather than recommending individual crystals here I would go for an elaborate manifesting crystal grid.

I can reach you how to do this here:

In terms of love and relationships, this full moon should bring revelations in how to communicate clearer, hopefully the brain fog from mercury retrograde beings to lift, regarding your exs or current relationships in particular.

Don’t spend this time focusing on nostalgia and looking back on the good times, use this time to plan your future with your partner, or if you are currently trying to manifest or are open to a new relationship, focus on the qualities you do want your new love to embody.

Peach selenite helps heal ‘lovers' spats’ if mercury retrograde has bought on a few of those for you. Place in the middle of your bed.

Garnet resonates well with capricorn, is grounding, helps stability, gives you an energy boost, is very passionate, and can also spice up your love life, and help you make some new memories.

Moonstone if you're ready for new cycles.

Kunzite to help you release those walls around your heart, and love yourself harder - be a better you for your next lover.

Many blessings, Namaste,

Bianca Eleanor xx


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