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The Thunder Moon and You

This weekends Full moon is known by many names;

The 'Thunder' moon; as many parts of the world see storms this time of the year, the 'Buck' moon, by American cultures that see the buck deer begin to grow out their antlers, in ancient Europe it was Called the 'Mead' or 'meadow' moon, as well as, 'hay' moon and 'red moon', Some that follow a Wiccan path call this the 'old herb' moon; a good time to harvest herbs for medicinal and magical uses. In India it is called the 'Guru Purnima', for Hindus this is honoured as a time to clear your mind. And for buddhists, they celebrate Asalha Puja.

Woah brain ache?

As there seem to be so many different themes to these occasions, I prefer to look to the stars, and understand astrologically what is happening up there that effects down here at present.

This is the last of 3 lunar eclipses in a row. These events often surface hidden truths and hone in strongly on the endings and completions of personal cycles.

Now we have the full moon in Capricorn that wants to press forward with 'important stuff' and the Sun in Cancer, which just wants to enjoy the chill vibes of the summer.

And coming right up we have Mars in Aries, who for the first time In 32 years will stay there for 6 months.

This eclipse is asking as to contemplate and honour our personal path and soul mission buy taking action, which we have just the right set up for, and lots of people will be itching to go given that a great amount of people have been 'cooped up' indoors since the end of march.

But...lets remember balance. Think back and acknowledge; before the events of this year that forced us to be still, were you burnt out, stressed, out, on a hamster wheel, in the rat race, rushed off your feet, struggling with the juggling?

Well let's make sure we don't go back to that. When we talk about breaking down of old systems, it's not just the government and societal protocolls, it's our inner world's that will also need to be restructured to readjust. As always unlearning and deprogramming, but this won't necessarily feel amazingly liberating and freeing at first, for lots of people this will be an uncomfortable hard journey. But who ever grew from staying in their comfort zone?

When we have a lunar eclipse, the earths magnetic field is lower, making the spiritual veil thinner, so not only will truths be revealed but we can access the spiritual realm easier.

In this way Lunar Eclipse's can magnify stargate's; offering up ascension energy. Consiously inviting spirit to help you navigate these new times can give us a booth in clarity and thus in confidence.

If you've had a life plan, or project for a few years now, that seems to have hit a brick wall, try not to give into frustration, trust in the divine and let them reveal new ways to go about co creating your old plans.

I predict lots of big emotions rising and falling in all of us for the rest of the year. If you don't fancy the roller coaster, make sure you dedicate time to maintaining a positive an unshakeable mindset (I'm pretty sure there have been several influences that would rather see us fall into depression at play this year).

Take time to fully understand energy, and your personal vibration, so you can pick up on when things are slipping. Do not le the 3D slog stop you from your personal progression and spiritual growth.

While I usually pick a few crystals that I feel would benefit us all at this time.....I think this one really does depend on where you are at personally.

Some ideas below.

Keeping in Balance and dealing with shadow as it arises:

  • Watermelon Tourmaline

  • Snowflake Obsidian

  • Astrophyllite

  • Malacolla

Increasing confidence and self worth & taking back personal power:

  • Yellow serpentine

  • Hypersthene

  • Bumblebee jasper

Understanding your path:

  • Charoite

Seeking answers from spirit:

  • Scolecite

  • Danburite

  • Selenite

Vibrating high like a true star being:

  • Phenakite

  • Azeztulite

  • Apophyllite

Linking into the very essence of this moon:

  • Pietersite

I would love to know what crystals you are currently working with, Drop me a line over in the Facebook group! And of course if you have any full moon festivities planned!?

Wishing you peace and happiness, namaste, Bianca x



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