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Lemurian Aquatine Calcite - Dive into Dream state

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Crystals I'm working with in 2021 part 4

'Lemurian Aquatine Calcite'. One thing you should know about this crystal is it's not technically a calcite or an onyx but closer to a chalcedony. Before it was TM'd under this name it was also sold on market as 'Argentinian/Argentine Blue Onyx' however if you search for that today you will often see a dark blue onyx looking crystal, this is not lemurian Aquatine calcite, but known in the metaphysical world as 'indigo Lemurian Calcite'......Super confusing, I wonder if this is partially a reason why it's remained a lesser known stone?

It is said that this crystal helps one to link to the energies and knowledge of Lemuria - hence the name, and can also help communication with dolphins……? I do not think I will have the opportunity to test that out anytime soon living in England in 2021, even so, I find that assumption a little cringey, especially as a ™’d stone. How comes nobody has said poppy jasper connects you to ladybird consciousness? Don’t get me wrong I adore the works of Robert Simmons, and think him to be very genuine unlike some big wigs in this industry. I just personally feel this crystal is so much MORE than that. Personally I find it helps me shift into an altered state very quickly, it's like it misses the step of relaxation, just closing your eyes whilst holding it, and blam; I feel almost in a dream state. I would go as far as saying for me anyway - (as I have not used this on clients yet, it being new to me and living in Draconian times…..) Even though it’s the dolphin communicator stone with ‘Aqua’ in the name and labeled a water element stone - It has more of a wind/air/ether element to it, predominantly over the water energies anyway.

My piece is buzzing, amazing and I adore the fact it has a 'leopard print' patch in the calm blue green waves of its makeup.

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Namaste & Crystal Blessings beautiful Souls, Stay sane, speak your truth!

Bianca xx

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