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Crystals to help with adjusting to change and adaptation

1. Labradorite

A crystal basic adored by many, for its alluring mystical peacock hues. Labradorite is most known for and associated with ‘magic’, but sadly what it is not famed for is its amazing ability to help you adjust and adapt to changes in life. Labradorite is a true stone of transformation, helping you to stay grounded and to also ground in new spiritual energies. It banishes fear, and quiets insecurities as well as helping you develop perseverance. When you move a labradorite crystal around all of its layers of colour are revealed, each one shining through as it is moved from different angles; this is the medicine of the labradorite stone - helping reveal to yourself and the world all of your hidden magic, and to shine from any angle no matter where life takes you.

2.  Chrysanthemum Stone

Containing more than ten types of trace elements including selenium, strontium, gold,

Gypsum, clay, dolomite, silver and bismuth. Chrysanthemun stones are considered to be of the Permian age, which was approximately 250 million years ago!

The flower like patterns on the stones are naturally occurring, and resemble a flowering chrysanthemum. The actual “flowers” are embedded in a grey limestone with the minerals of andalusite, celestite, feldspar and calcite. What does this all mean? The ancient energies of this stone act as a wise ally, providing energetic support, and helping you to realize opportunities amidst chaos and/or change. Chrysanthemum Stone is also known to be a good luck talisman, and many that work closely with it tend to find the good in the bad, and experience silver linings and turns of fate for the better.

3. Tree Agate

Tree agate is considered to be a steadying strong source of inner peace, (Not to be confused with Green Moss Agate) just like a tree, it helps you to stay rooted and grow through all of life's seasons. This crystal promotes a feeling of calm both physically and spiritually and has been used during meditation and prayer for many years in many cultures. Tree agate helps you attune to all of the wisdom that comes from standing still, and from being one with nature. With its emphasis on stability and growth it also makes a perfect ally for calling in abundance or assisting in any crystal grids that hold intention of  growth, abundance, or calling in or healing nature. A great way to keep our spiritual connection to the earth for those of us that can not be in nature at this current time.

Place this one over the heart if you are feeling emotionally imbalanced or are having problems with sleep.

If you are finding it hard to make difficult decisions at the moment all of these crystals make perfect mediation aids, simply be still, be open and listen to them.

I don’t know if any of you saw my video post several weeks ago, where I felt called to share 2 cards I drew for myself with all of you, but it seems to have a whole new clear level of meaning for us all now! Trust in the process of right now!

Stay home, stay safe, Namaste, Bianca xxx

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