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Crystals vs 'Minerloids' Is Your Favourite Stone a Crystal?

Is one of your favourite stones on this list of 'crystals' that aren’t crystals?

All crystals are made up of a unique crystalline structure, there are seven structures in total.

If a stone does not have one of these structures, it is classified as a ' mineraloid'.

Crystals take thousands of years to form, and their crystalline structure, (similar to our own) plays a large part in how we resonate with their healing abilities.

However there are many stones, that are not crystals, that are AMAZING and very Powerful!

When I first started to work with crystals I was very turned off by the idea with working with 'crystals' that weren’t 'crystals', with the exception of Obsidian, (prejudice and hypercritical I know!) If you are at the beginning of your crystal journey/love affair, please don't be like I was, you will be missing out! Some of the stones on this list are amongst my most adored nowadays!


Keywords: Manifestation, Enhancement of Prayers, Sudden Enlightenment, Stimulates Clairaudience, Kundalini Awakening, Breakthrough, Intensity, Personal Power

Elements: Storm

Technically 'fused quartz', but I am including this on the list, as Fulgurite is not formed in the same way as other crystals!

Fulgurite is formed when lightning strikes the earth; sand or sillica rich soil. The intense electrical charge of the lightening bolt, is discharged in one small area, and in that instant the temperature is hot enough to vaporize the sand at the center of the strike and melt the material around the edges.

Thus Fulgurite often forms in tube like shapes,like straws.

It is literally a fossilized moment in time!

Fulgurite creates and energetic bridge that links thoughts and intentions with the divine mind.

It is said to prevent cancerous cells from multiplying, and provide EMF protection.

Try This:

Blow through a Fulgurite tube, after meditating on your intentions, you will feel a tingling sensation on your lips!


Keywords: Warmth, Healing, Ancestral Work, Nature, Elevates Mood, Grounding

Element: Earth

Amber is fossilized tree sap, or botanic resins. Not technically even a mineral, but appreciated by nearly every ancient culture in the past, each of which having its own myth and folklore for Amber.

If we think about the steps that create Amber, you could say it is fossilized 'Light Energy'; First created by the synthesis of light by plants and trees, that solidified on top of the earth, unlike crystals that form deep within the earth’s womb below the earth's crust.

It is said to aid those with SAD disorder, and release negative energy.

Try This:

Amber teething jewellery for mum and baby! There is lots of this on the market give it a google!