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I purchased this beautiful Gemmy Rose Quartz tower, knowing it had a small nick in its tip that barely notices. I'm hoping it will be rehomed with someone who is more interested in its splash of golden healer at the top and it's rainbows. 

This tower has an amazing colour and areas that are super clear also. 

one of its sides is slightly curved, but this does not affect its standing or posture.


Huge Gemmy Rose Quartz Tower

£120.00 Regular Price
£70.00Sale Price
  • Rose quartz urges you to love yourself, which is no easy job for most of us, hence why you might need an extra large tower like this! 

    This tower would fit perfectly in any room, but is particularly well placed in the bedroom if you have a spouse, to call in more a more loving vibration, or just to create a supportive, relaxing and loving sacred space for yourself. 

    Rose quartz is also said to enhance beauty, and the perception of it, so would be equally as handy placed on a dressing table or in the bathroom during sacred bathing rituals. 

    Rose quartz can also be used to call in and attract love into your life from an area; imagine this ginormous tower as the centerpiece in your crystal grid! 

    Rose quartz resonates well with children, helping to boost self esteem and to aid any little ones going through a tough time. 

    It is also a perfect stone for those who find it hard to find compassion for others, or need to learn to lean into their ‘softer side’. 

    If you are already a general lover of Rose Quartz, Please do not miss out on this opportunity to adopt this rock! Due to the size, weight and grade this piece has a market value of £80 - £120, I managed to buy it in for a little less due to the tip, and so am passing that on to you in the adoption fee! 


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