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This type of Amethyst is c alled 'Maraba' and is mined in Brazil. 

Spheres radiate energy evenly all the way around and therefore spread thier energy evenly around a room. They represent unity, completion and oneness. 

Handy size spheres like this can also be used for stress releif - massage on the body where appropriate. 

Perfect size and shape to hold during meditation. 

Brazilian Amethyst Sphere

  • Maraba Amethyst brings tranquility to any space. 

    The literal meaning of Amethyst is “not intoxicated”, coming from the Greek word améthystos. It is known as the 'stone of sobriety', and a programmed amethyst can help break addiction's, particularly alcoholism. 

    For this reason it is also known as a detoxifying and protective stone. 

    Amethyst resonates strongly with the 3rd eye and crown chakra. If you find the darker Amethyst too strong in vibration (it gives you headaches) This Maraba Amethyst is much gentler in its vibration. 

    Amethyst is a great meditation aid, and is known to enhance your intuition. 

    A great crystal for taro readers and mediums, this sphere would be great on an alter or workspace. 

    Despite what google says about using Amethyst for improved sleep, If you do find Amethyst works well to open and stimulate your 3rd eye, then it is not always well placed by the bedside at night- as this can overstimulate the mind, especially if you are in the beginning stages of discovering your 'clair's' (clairvoyance, clairaudience etc.) 

    If you are experienced in working with crystals, then amethyst is receptive to being programmed as a protection amulet.  

    Amethyst is a crystal 101 basic for any collection. 

    This sphere would also work well in any Reiki healing space, and can be used for clearing in conjunction with the violet flame. 


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