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Fourite is aids in mental clarity and is also a good crystal to keep around technology. 

Spheres radiate energy evenly all the way around and therefore spread thier energy evenly around a room. They represent unity, completion and oneness. 

Handy size spheres like this can also be used for stress releif - massage on the body where appropriate. 

All of these factors make this the ultimate desktop crystal for any office space.



Yellow & Purple Fluorite Sphere

  • Fluorite in general helps to organise thoughts, declutter the mind and bring clarity. 

    Yellow flourite along with blue is the rarest kind of fluorite. 

    Yellow Fluorite is particularly good for those with an overactive imagination and also harmonises the emotional body as well as the mental, meaning it helps emotional stability. 

    Many people prefer to use yellow fluorite in place of citrine as an  abundance stone, when manifesting financial wealth. 

    In my experience the both work well together for this, and yellow fluorite is the 2nd step in the process of attracting money; as it works well to strengthen the solar plexus, it also helps you to manage finances, be financially savvy, and attract new clients. 

    As a stone that helps logical thinking, and intuition, it is perfect for anyone in a profession that requires this; such as architects, engineers, teachers and therapists. 

    "Yellow Fluorite activates the release of toxins from the fatty deposits of the body’s cells and is an excellent aid for balancing cholesterol levels. It is thought to relieve issues of the liver and stomach, bile, intestinal blockages or growths, and to be a support crystal for stomach-stapling operations or cosmetic surgery. [Melody En, 299][Eason, 95][Hall En, 86]

    Fluorite is an exceptional crystal for relieving mental illness and disturbances of brain wave frequencies by increasing the electrical charge of brain cells and balancing the brain’s chemistry. It assists in issues of dizziness and vertigo, as well as balance and coordination. If worn day and night for several months, Fluorite can also assist in healing distortions in personality, intelligence and character that are often linked and prohibit one from leading a full life. [Raphaell, 107][Ahsian 160][Megemont, 84-85][Margherita, 498-499][Hall 129]"


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