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This Lovely Ocean Jasper is a perfect pocket size, featuring warm Autumn tones with some lovely purple in the mix. 


Warm Toned Ocean Japser Pebble

  • I recently featured Ocean Jasper on my ''mum guilt" Episode of Crystal Clinic. 

    It is definitely a perfect crystal for anyone suffering from 'mum guilt' 

    Ocean jasper comes from one ocean-facing mine in Madagascar, which is mined exclusively by women supporting a female-run enterprise in that country. 

    There have not been any recent veins/mines found meaning ocean Jasper is becoming increasingly rare. 

    Ocean Jasper makes me happy just looking at it!

    This crystal promotes Joy, and helps one to release negative thinking patterns, and any self sabotaging habits and cycles you are stuck in. 

    It is a perfect crystal that rejuvenates the soul's lust for life, and lift's spirits. 

    It's energy is what you might hope to bottle up and bring to a loved one who is recovering.  Or the feeling you get spending a sunny day in nature. 

    It is a perfect stone for remembering to try and see/seek opportunity in sucky situations. 

    While it is not a stone for very heavy shadow work, it is still a good stone to work with for increasing your personal power, which it does by reminding you of your divine birthright to fun and play without feeling guilty for doing so, as well as strengthening the solar plexus. 

    It can also be used to heal and balance the heart chakra, and can also be used with the throat chakra to increase your ability to express your inner desires, needs and creativity. 

    It can also be used as a muse for inspiration, and makes a handy companion for artist's, creative's, nature lover's, and those that forget to have fun themselves. 


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