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Also called Skeletal, Alligator and/or Jacare crystals. 

This decedent jewel from mother earth features lots of handy little grooves the perfect size for finger tips, so it is just begging to be used as a lightworker tool!

Elestial Quartz is a high vibrational stone that can give you access to celestial realms.

Particulalry handy for those that channel light language, or struggle to stay grounded when meditaing with high vibrational stones.  

This particular peice having grown as a twin, also makes it perfect for karmic. relationship work be it romantic, past life or inner child work. 

The word elestial means 'crystal of the angels', which means this crystal has a strong connection to the angelic realms. 

Smokey Elestial Twin

  • Smokey Elestial Twin Flame Crystal

    Elestial Quartz crystals are a particular type of quartz that have natural terminations on the body and faces of the stones.

    These are often etched into the crystals, and many have key formations on a face of the crystal, an indented area going into the crystal.

    They form in layers that resemble clusters, but the crystals overlap and join together. These quartz crystals have a high vibration that helps you to make a stronger connection to spirit.

    The Smokey Elestials are excellent healing crystals. As well as containing all the attributes of a regular smokey quartz crystal, they have a potent vibration for creating healing, specifically aiding spiritual healing within the etheric body.

    The etching on them are said to contain light language codes from angelic realms and should be traced over with the finger in meditation.

    This specific crystal has 2 conjoined points, making it great for any relationship work, this type of formation is sometimes referred to as a ‘Twin’ which makes it great for any type of relationship work, be it mother and child etc. but especially past and present romantic relationships;

    “Twin crystals or stones have a shape which depicts two entities which are very connected or even partially merged. These twin flames crystals are all the more powerful when it comes to neutralising negativity and augmenting healing and union or reunion.

    Just like twin energies grow exponentially from their interaction instead of simply adding on to one another, crystal energies presenting in twin formations have the same type of effect. Having a twin flame quartz in your collection is going to aid you tremendously during times when you need to process energy shifts and upgrades.”

    These specific quartz formations can be used in your meditation to aid you to journey back into past lives to release karma that is trapped in your energy field. This energy may need to be released to free you from past experiences.

    It may also dissolve ancient magical ritual energy within your ancestral line, that is still stopping you from being able to let go of past trauma and pain. Can help to prevent nightmares.

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