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This amazing A grade Indonesian Palm Root cabochon would make an amazing pendant or ring, or can be used to lay on the body, during mediation or healing. 

Palm root is a miracle of elemental alchemy, Holding potent earth medicine within it, find our more in the 'Medicine and Meaning' section, or watch my Vlog on Palm root here

When the palm roots of ancient mystical Indonesian palm trees sunk into the our earth mother MILLIONS of years ago, the Silica carried in underground water combined with intense pressure, caused the pseudomorphic process of wood being replaced by microcrystalline Quartz, largely Chalcedony and Jasper. Meaning the wood and root of a tree has turned into a material with a crystalline structure; technically a member of the chalcedony family with a hardness of

6.5 to 7. 

Technically speaking the palm root now holds within it all elements; the earth it birthed from and returned to, the Light and heat of our fiery sun and the air it photosynthesised during its time as a tree, and the water element that caused it to adapt and transform its inner structure over centuries. 

Oval Indonesian Palm Root cabochon