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Also known as ‘Inca Jade’

This stone is exclusively native to Peru and contains Pyrite, quartz and Black Jade 

This crystal is very rare, some pieces contain more of each mineral, making some more black and others  more gold etc. 

See the Medicine and Meaning for more information. 


Midnight Lemurian Jade

  • Midnight Lemurian Jade is a stone that brings a deep connection to the divine feminine and the goddess archetype. 

    It helps one explore the edges of their femininity, and connect to the dark cosmic womb of both the earth and the universe. 

    Another crystal perfect for Shamanic work. 

    This stone is said to have been used by Aztech Culture to connect them to their deity and aid in women's birthing process. 

    Handy for men who have been wounded by the feminine, or need to rid themselves of toxic beliefs about women, or for breaking toxic cycles involving women - e.g. Men who have imparted domestic violence to their partners. 

    This crystal is a perfect aid in any shadow work or personal development work you are undergoing as it also helps one look deep into their commitments and recognise the roles you are playing in relationships. 

    And therefore equally helpful to rid codependency in relationships, and can help in assisting you find your own individuality, and purpose.

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