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also known as 'Garden Quartz' and Lodalite

This exceedingly rare piece has both red and green inclusions together, along with strong rainbows!

The green is Chlorite and the red is Hematite, metaphysically giving this crystal a dual grounding, protecting and integrating effect.


Green & Red Shamanic Dream Quartz

  • This crystal is also known as Lodalite, and ‘Garden quartz’ as it’s landscapes represent the inner worlds we travel through whilst using these crystals in shamanic journeying and meditations. 

    A rare and sought after crystal, this piece would be a great addition to any collector. 

    Small but mighty, this crystal can also be a perfect companion along your shamanic journeys, and any spiritual work you choose to do. 

    This crystal offers a strong connection to your spirit animals, and is helpful in raising energy ‘from the earth to the sky’, or from the root to the crown.


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