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Not technically a crystal; obsidian is a volcanic glass.

Gold sheen Obsidian is highly protective, especially in any spiritual work. 

I keep Gold sheen obsidian above my front door. 

This tower would be the perfect centerpiece for a protection crystal grid. 

This crystal (Mineraloid) also features a ‘Time Link’ window, to the past (slanted backwards) So is also the perfect companion for shadow work, especially anything that is lingering from past lives. 

It arrived to me with a slightly ‘nicked’ tip and 2 barely noticeable bumps out of the base on one edge seen in the video, none of these things make any difference to its energy or potency, however this piece has been heavily discounted for this reason from £26 to £17, any more gold sheen obsidian towers of similar size, that appear in the shop will be priced above £17, And I can’t promise they will have a ‘time-link’ window! 


Gold Sheen Obsidian Tower with 'window'

£26.00 Regular Price
£17.00Sale Price
  • Obsidian is an igneous rock that forms when molten rock material cools so rapidly that atoms are unable to arrange themselves into a crystalline structure. It is an amorphous material known as a "mineraloid".

    Window. A diamond shape in the center front on its faces, often making it a 7-faced crystal. Serves as a window into other dimensions while helping you balance the energies as you work with them.

    Gold sheen Obsidian is great for creating protection in spaces, great for protection crystal grids and also for personal energetic protection - creating a golden shield that reflects away all darkness. 

    It is one of the best crystals to work with during shadow work  because not only does it help you access that which needs to be healed; shining a light in the darkest parts of you, but it helps you to integrate that into your current being. 

    (This piece especially as it has a time link window)


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