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This high quality chlorite quartz stands 2 ways; upright and leaning to the side for more directional energy. 

This is a ‘phantom’  Chlorite quartz, meaning the chlorite is captured at the heart of the quartz, and does not coat the outside of the crystal. 

Some nice rainbows in this one too! 

Phantom crystals help you to see the unseen and see through the veil into different dimensions and realities.


Dinky Chlorite Phantom Quartz

  • Chlorite quartz is used to clear and direct the flow of energy around the body or system. 

    Chlorite is a powerful healer in its own right, within quartz (the amplifier) Chlorite quartz is a great crystal to aid in regeneration of cells and is brings balance where it is needed (physically and emotionally) 

    It’s vibrational quality resonates with the entire chakra system, and can be used at any chakra to remove stagnation. 

    “Phantom quartz occurs when a ‘phantom,’ or ghost point outline, is visible within a solid quartz point. This gem will open a window into your life path and help you understand the nature of soul contracts in this lifetime. Symbolic of awareness and the phases and cycles of life, phantom quartz helps you integrate the past and present, and the spiritual and material.”

    “One of the more powerful metaphysical properties of stones containing chlorite relates to how they assist you to vibrate at a similar vibration as the Schumann resonance, the electromagnetic field of the earth.  

    This aspect of their energy may assist you to heal from electromagnetic hypersensitivity or EHS if you are sensitive to low frequency radiation sources such as computers and wi-fi.”

    Chlorite quartz also helps one bond with nature and nature spirits.

    When you are not using this crystal for deep healing work, it would love to hang out in a little fairy garden! 

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