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These Chrysotile Serpentine flat palm stones are great for raising your Kundalini Energy, and catching glimpses of your past life. 

This is being mis-sold on the market a lot at the moment under 'Zebra Jasper' Which is a completely different mineral altogether. 

NOTE: these crystals are NOT dangerous or toxic, While the sparkly shite lines contain asbestos, one must inhale the powdered version into their lungs for it to be harmful. 

They are completely safe to handle and place on the skin. However like many other crystals I would use the in- direct method if using a gem elixir or crystal water. 


Find out more about this crystal in the 'Medicine and Meaning' section.


Crystal will be intuitively chosen for you, if you have a preference smaller, larger, darker green, lighter green, less stripes, very stripey, please write this in the comments section when you check out, if you have a preference from the photo please quote the number in the photo, number 1 starting from the top left corner and going along horizontally. If the one you like is sold, I will do my best to match the most similar looking one that is available.


Chrysotile Serpentine

  • This stone is highly recommended for personal use when working through the medicine wheel. 

    It is a great crystal to use in any shamanic work as it aids in Clearing away debris of past life to retrieval 

    It is also perfect for past life work, it helps correct any imbalances and blockages that can manifest as physical dis-ease. 

    As well as helping you to let go of old toxic habits and karmic patterns,not only by clearing but also by increasing the strength in your solar plexus and personal power. 

    It is also very helpful in combating chronic fatigue, as it helps clear energy blockages and allows your ‘chi’ or ‘prana’ to flow with ease around the body. 

    Many report it’s replenishing energies also help them connect well to nature, and also strengthen connection to you spirit animals. 


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