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I go deep into the properties and purpose of the Caribbean Blue Calcite here:


This Stunning CBC heart is full of captivating swirls and banding, the blue areas have an amazing colour depth when held up to natural or aritificial light source. 


Caribbean Blue Calcite Heart

  • CBC allows you to feel Calm, but also alert and in your power at the same time, allowing for greater mental clarity. It helps you see through deception, and reframe your possibilities and options. Especially helpful if you feel you are stuck in some way in life. It helps you to release old grudges, and to express yourself without anger. Particularly good for those who have Violent tendencies or anger issues, as well as those with prejudice tendencies against certain groups of people. It also helps break down old belief systems and mindsets (programming) that have been placed upon you over this lifetime. Stops you from making fear based decisions and allows you to download information from your higher self. This crystal brings about a serene feeling when held and calms and neutralises the energy of the space it is in. A perfect stone for meditation.The Caribbean Blue Calcite is a newly discovered mineral as of 2019. This mineral is a Calcite and Aragonite mix, just as our seas and oceans on earth have been for thousands of years. Being Calcium carbonate, (just like rennies tablets) it is calming, soothing and neutralising, booth emotionally and physically. It is mined from the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan - (A place where there has been conflict and anger for many years.) I feel the earth has birthed it in this place to try and calm the violence in this space. Calcite crystals are also found in our pineal gland, more on this in my video:

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