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This stunning high quality polished Citrine point holds perfect clarity, with interesting inclusions at the base with cheeky little rainbows. 

A truly beautiful peice for any collector, and a crystal must have for beginners. 

This is not a 'baked' or heat treated amethyst. 

A Grade natural Citrine point

  • Citrine makes us happy! 

    It is an uplifiting stone, that brings mental clarity and is the perfect tool for manifesting abundane. 

    in lore it is often reffered to as the merchants stone, and some traditions of the past include keeping citrine in your purse or till, for attracting financial abundance. 

    It is a powerful stone for the Solar Plexus; (both to clear and strengthen) that helps us to feel confident, in control and is also known to sharpen the interlect and boost self esteem. 

    Citrine is a crystal 101 basic, and most of the honey yellow citrine on the market is actually 'baked amethyst'. This peice here is an high quality, natural citrine at an bargain price! 

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