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Crystals for Increasing Joy & Optimism

Here are some top picks to help those of you that are struggling indoors at the moment, this list is not definitive, and the other 2 crystals that I would definitely champion for increasing joy and maintaining your happy vibes, are Peridot and Bustamite. I choose not to have them as highlights purely because I know they are slightly more expensive to obtain and more people are likely to own a piece of Citrine or orange calcite. However Peridot and Bustamite will do just as good a job as any listed in this post.


Most people are aware of the difference between natural citrine (also known as Kundalini quartz) and ‘Baked amethyst. I would just like to point out that both these types of ‘citrine’ are fit for purpose and will work just as well at increasing your optimism in challenging times. If you have a natural piece of citrine you may additionally benefit from an increase of physical energy.

Citrine holds that sunshine energy and is emotionally uplifting, it is also an amazing crystal to use for any form of manifestation work. Meditation with Citrine crystal can stir up creative inspiration or give you clarity about some ideas you have been having, easing any anxiety around that by boosting your will and personal power. Basically if you are being a Debbie downer and thinking ‘I can’t do this’ or ‘who am I to do this?’ Citrine will be there to give you a gentle push back into positivity and confidence. During meditation; hold at the Solar plexus to decrease fear and increase motivation, or place on your third eye to gain clarity or shift into a positive mindset.

Orange Calcite

Orange calcite really helps to fire up your sacral chakra, sometimes if your feeling down it's hard to get out of the rut and push yourself to do things that make you feel better, that is exactly what orange calcite can do for you - give you that kick to take action! People often feel inspired to ‘move’ when wearing or working with orange calcite; from sensual belly dance to hiking. It is also perfect for getting your creative juices flowing; starting an art journal or creative hobby. This crystal helps validate your feelings of self worth, allowing you to give yourself permission to be happy and indulge in life’s luxuries. Additionally it has a very playful vibration, helping you align with that child-like spirit of optimism and spontaneity. If you're looking to buy a piece of orange calcite look for one that has a deep orange colour rather than a yellowish tinge, even though orange calcite does vary through its shades, sometimes ‘honey calcite’ which can look similar in appearance is mistakenly sold for orange calcite.


Anadalite is super high vibrational crystal also known by a handful of other names, including;; Iris quartz, rainbow quartz and sometime spelled Anandolyte. Imagine a man made angel aura spirit quartz, but natural! And that is Anandalite! While some pieces of this crystal can be relatively dull most exhibit beautiful iridescent rainbows and often grow in unusual shapes. I find a lot of Anandalite pieces grow to resemble the shapes of ‘birds’ which resonates with the blissful energy that these crystals have; feeling free and flying high. Whenever I have witnessed somebody's first encounter with Anandalite 9 times out of 10 within the first 8 seconds of holding it, that person is smiling! Anandalite encourages a mindset of gratitude and contentment as well as finding an aspect of fun in all you do.

These crystals are great to pull through your aura after you have swept it through with a Selenite wand - to infuse it with its joyful energy. Event though these crystals can be a bit pricey, I definitely recommend them to those that suffer with depression, try placing them at the thymus gland or higher heart to feel relief of heavy emotional burdens, they make perfect mediation buddies and would be a good crystal to keep by your bedside if you are not overly sensitive to crystal energy, otherwise you may find its vibrations keep you up awake at night.

If you have any crystal questions for me feel free to drop me a line or post up in my facebook group;'Stones & Spirit with Bianca Eleanor'. I would love to hear from you! Stay safe, Crystal blessings, and Namaste, Bianca xx



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