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Crystals for Immune System Support

Crystals for Immunity Boost

One of the most useful things we can do with crystals at the moment is create gem waters to help boost our immune systems. There are some amazing and well known ‘health juice shot’ recipes on the internet. I would suggest you use this alongside them if you can, or if you can’t afford to buy all of the ingredients for those, this is a great option.

Simply cleanse your crystal/s (any suggested in this article) cleanse them energetically. (If you don’t know how to do this, you can download my free Ebook on the homepage at after doing this with your chosen method, ‘program’ the crystal with your intentions; to help boost your immunity, protection and keep you in optimal health.

Clean them by physically washing them in spring water if possible, then add them to your drinking water. If your water is in a sealed drinking vessel, you can also leave this to charge in the sun or moonlight over night or for a few hours.


Also known by its ‘proper’ name Heliotrope, and in times past, the christ-stone; said to hold the purity of Christ's blood - although it was used and famed for its properties way before the time of christ. Throughout history it has been known as a talisman for vitality, strength, courage and good health. In ancient medicines all the way to medieval times it was used to stop bleeding, heal wounds, draw out snake venom, improve circulation to name but a few. Bloodstone boosts energy, neutralizing and eliminating toxins from the body. By detoxifying it helps to bring your energy systems into alignment and balance. By doing so it helps prevent anxiety and stress from causing physical dis-ease in the body. Worn by warriors during battle,this stone is also a great aid in helping you overcome health battles.

Green Moss Agate

Green Moss agate vibrates slower than most other crystals, this does not make it any less powerful, but does give it the ability to endue a stabilizing and strengthening ability on our energy. Used for medicinal purposes in the history of most cultures, often prescribed to ease pain, particularly in labour and childbirth, if it can help with that level of pain it can help with anything right? It holds anti inflammatory properties, so you can think of it as a natural ibuprofen. Most importantly it can help prevent or resolve any cold or flu like symptoms.


Not only is carnelian detoxifying it also helps the absorption rate of vitamins and minerals into the body. It is full of life force energy and can lend you physical strength when you need it most.

Many people swear by Carnelian water for helping them through colds, or protecting them during flu season.however sometimes, it speeds up the healing process by’ dragging the worst of it out in you first.’ So if you feel 10 x worse the after using it the next day, that may very well be how its choosing to work with you. Don’t let this put you off using it for immunity though as that will only apply if you are already ill.

A reminder these crystals are to boost and build up your immune system, so there is less chance of you contracting illness, these are NOT crystals from easing the symptoms of Covid-19 a.k.a the Corona Virus.

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