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Sacral Stirring. Playfully Passionate, Sexual Stones to Play with this V-Day!

Move over Rose Quartz, put down the Carnelian! Discover some super sensual crystals to fuel your passion this valentines day!

The Shiva Lingam is stone only found in the Narmanda sacred river in India. the stone is actually cryptocrystalline quartz but its properties extend far beyond its chemical and crystalline structure. Its energy is both projective and receptive, it is shaped by the native people into a phallic symbol, but as an egg it is also represents the feminine. All Shiva Lingams hold pranic life force energy that are great for increasing stamina and vitality. And contain a a potent energy that can be channeled to heal impotency and infertility.Black Shiva Lingams previously were not allowed outside of holy temples. They have a strong connection to the divine feminine representing the black void or ‘womb’ that birthed life. They are also used in Tantric rituals, and help has on a spiritual/emotional level to feel at ‘one with all’, which in turn can help us connect to our physical mates on a deeper level.

Corocite stimulates passionate love making, it helps raise up kundalini energy to your heart center, helping you to experience love and love making on a spiritual level, rather than purely spiritual. It helps clear emotional trauma linked to your sexuality and allows you to be more comfortable expressing your sexuality.

Ruby is another crystal that charges up your whole system with life force energy.

It gives you an optimistic zest for life, feeling of power and helps you embrace your sensual side. Red rubies can help overcome sexual dysfunction and attract new romantic relationships. Throughout history it has been gifted as a sign or passion, nobility and devotion. Pink Rubies are very much heart centered stones that helped shift you into an abundant self assured mindset. Personally I find magenta rubies to have a powerful Shakti energy that can bring out the seductress in even the shyest wallflowers.

Like the other stones on this list, Garnet is highly stimulating, so perfect for anyone that is ‘too tired’ to have sex most of the time. Garnet will definitely ‘keep you up’ and also helps regulate any disorders in the sexual organs. It is also a stone of strength, empowerment and safety, helping you to feel comfortable with yourself and in bringing yourself into intimate relationships with others.

Tangerine Quartz, not to be confused with a tangerine ‘aura’ quartz, helps overcome fears and feelings of low self esteem. It helps emotional grounding into the sacral chakra, helping to release pent up anger, frustration and resentment, leading to free flowing creativity and healthy playful expression.

Enjoy in the bedroom, or wherever you want to play this V-Day!

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