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Cosmic Opportunities: Energy Report & Crystals to Help You Through. What Will You Choose?

There are some amazing occurrences happening in the skies at the moment and throughout the end of November, its not just the new moon in Sagittarius, but all of these astrological events that are building a very clear opportunity for us all;

If you didn’t know our entire solar system is spinning out of an area where it has been for as long as recorded history into a protective area of magnetic cloud.

And therefore a lot of new galactic energy is coming in for us that we have never experienced before.

Jupiter became conjunct the galactic center, on November 19th, which only happens every 12 years!

This signals the floodgates opening for a ton of that brand new galactic energy to pour through and become available to us.

The continuing positioning and influences of Jupiter and Uranus throughout the rest of the month bring us the opportunity to expand our consciousness to brand new levels!

These are planets are all about the new. Uranus is particularly about rebellion, change and surprise, and both are about knowledge and spirituality.

The new moon in Sagittarius on the 26th of November may further urge you to explore these new energies and take risks outside your comfort zone. If there is anything you want to study, travel you want to take or changes, make sure to set this intentions and take action.

Before this, Mars will be opposite Uranus on November 24th, when this happens the earth often experiences volcanic eruption and earthquakes. For us humans it tends to bring out a negative disruptive nature where you just cant help but express pent up and old anger and resentment for people, as well as responding in a volatile manner to those whom may make judgement on your character during this time. This stems from a fear of your freedom being threatened.

Over the last 5 years we have seen a lot of breakdowns of old systems, not just belief systems but the current systems put in place by the patriarch, begin to crumble.

We need to surrender to this to allow in the new instead of trying to repair it.

At the moment we hop between 3d and 5d. and when you bump back down to 3D it seems so much more of a contrast, allowing gloom and depression to sink in faster and deeper if we allow it to. As this is what we are used to, and what we have known for so long it is hard, and scary to let go and move into the future unknown.

There are various positive ‘trines’ throughout the month and Neptune going direct in Pisces on November 27, reminding us that there is a more positive reality if we choose to surrender to it. Energy flows where focus goes, and this is the time we can choose to deliberately shift up the ladder, away from the 3d past.

It has been scientifically calculated that because positive vibrations and thought are so much more powerful than negative ones, if just 1% of the entire human population shifts to a higher consciousness, the field as a whole collective will shift in a more positive direction. A small shift to create a tsunami of change!

Over course with the Scorpio influences just past, and the activities of Mars on the 24th, lots of secrets can come light, lots of anger resurfacing, this potential shock, combined with all the new and unfamiliar energy can make for an intense and anxious time. Downloads you receive during this period may not make much sense at first, give it time, be patient and allow it to assimilate.

To avoid emotional explosions, think before you react to negativity from others. Remember the bigger picture, let shit slide, because you do not want that bringing down your vibration when you trying to climb higher. Let whatever is crumbling or being removed in your life be removed or die. If that is relationships you find hard and painful to give up, just remember you are doing them a favor, by not enabling bad behavior, and giving them the change to grow and evolve along their own path. You can not drag everyone along and up with you. #nevermindnovember

Here are the crystals you may want to reach for

Anadalite also known as Iris Quartz, and sometimes . Aurora Quartz is a beautiful high vibe crystal that increases joy. It is a stone of the new consciousness and matches the positive vibration we are all collectively trying to shift towards. This crystal will help you rise peacefully above any negativity and feel calmer even when energies are intense

Tanazanite I recommend not just through knowledge of its potential but because I have personally had some messages regarding this stone recently. The blue violet flame of Tanzantie will help you clear anything hanging around ready for this next energetic upgrade, without dragging up necessary shadow that does not need to be deal with at this time. It helps us integrate higher vibrations into the our physical bodies and helps information downloads not only be understood as knowledge but known in our hearts.

Smoky Quartz may be needed to keep us grounded during this period, help our physical bodies, and to help ease off any stress and tension caused by sudden eruptions of aggression from within us or ward of negativity directed towards us.

Red Breciated Jasper is a great crystal for anyone in recovery or healing from abuse. With the potential of old wounds arising, this stone will give us strength ans well ans the physical energy our bodies may need to catch up to and house these new energies coming through.

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