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Full Moon In Pisces Bath Recipe

"This is going to be a beautiful ethereal and dreamy time, I cant think of a better way to enjoy and connect to this deep watery energy than inside a beautiful crystal bath!"

The Pisces Full moon also known as the ‘Harvest Full Moon’ falls on September 13-14th depending on where you are in the world.

This is going to be a beautiful ethereal and dreamy time, I cant think of a better way to enjoy and connect tot his deep watery energy than inside a beautiful crystal bath!

(Don’t worry I have all the crystal recommendations and instructions on crystal bathing coming right up, for all the crystal bath virgins reading this)

It is the last full moon before the equinox and therefore a perfect and powerful time for spiritual clearing and reflection.

We have recently had the influx of Virgo perfectionism energy kick us up the backside, and now it is time to slow down and co create with the universe not by working extra hard to for-fill your to do list, but by getting in touch with our emphatic sides and using our intuition more than our knowledge.

As delicious as this restful and reflective energy may be, remember to enjoy it consciously, as with all things in life it is not without its shadow side.

It will be a piece of cake tuning in with spirit and our higher selves, over this full moon period, as all ‘clairs’ and psychic abilities are heightened.

However this is likely to bring deceptions to light, whether that is from others around us or just revelations about our own behavior, it can come as quite a blow when we are in ‘sensitive feely’ mode.

The energy around us may also cause confusion over what's reality and what's not, with the potential to have a knock on effect to our own confidence and decision making. So remember to stay grounded and float back down to earth at some point.

We may find ourselves needing extra sleep this week, which will flow nicely after crystal bath!

Crystal baths are perfect for; cleansing negative energy, reducing stress, instilling peace and mental clarity.

So here is my Pisces Full Moon Crystal Bath Recipe and instruction guide

1a. Earlier in the day or the night before select your crystals, make sure they are cleansed energetically and physically. Add mineral water to a clean glass container and place your crystal selection inside. This water is not to drink, it is to pour into your bath later. Cover the top to stop any nasties spoiling the water, place it in sunlight, and if you wish to go the extra mile add some inward facing quartz points or a crystal grid around the container for extra charge.

(Long exposure to water can cause blue calcite damage, if you make gem waters you can use what's called the ‘indirect method’, however personally I have only ever had damage to tumbled orange calcite, that was left in non mineral water for several days. Your call…)

1. Physically Clean your space, unless your fancy lets assume your taking this bath inside your bathroom.

Make sure your bathroom is clean and tidy. Even if like me you wish you had a new suite, cleaning to the best of your ability will help the energy of the room and stop any mess from distracting or bothering you when you are trying to relax. Don’t forget to prep towels and anything else you need for when you get out. Trust me all this effort will be worth it later!

2. Gather your ingredients from the recipe list, including your charged crystal water you made earlier. Set up and arrange any candles, candle holders around your bath tub or room that you wish to use. Any extra comforts you need such as bath mats etc. Should be laid out at this point.

3. Smudge the room with the intention of clearing out any stagnant or negative energy. You can also use energy clearing sprays and reiki/sacred symbols for clearing, in the room for extra impact. Don’t forget to open a window when you smudge to make sure that bad energy has somewhere to escape to! Always wash your hands in the smoke before you begin, start from the door and work clockwise around the room not forgetting any corners.

4. Begin Ritual, if you are using music turn that on now, Light your white candles for purification and connection to spirit. If you are using Jasmine essential oil, and have a burner feel free to pop some of that on now also, or your favourite incense stick.

Now time to undress and smudge yourself, as best you can. (I love naked smudging! But please be careful!)

5. Once complete begin to draw your bath, feel free to speak or sing to the water and ask for its purification and healing powers to bless you and the bath.

Add your Jasmine essential oil to the running water - approx 4/5 drops for undiluted versions.

Lovingly dispense any Jasmine flowers you have and also your Basil leaves.

When the bath is half full pour your crystal charged water from earlier into the bath, along with the crystals. If you are worried about your Blue Calcite or any other crystals you have chosen independently not being safe in the bath water, place them around the edges of your bathtub.

6. When the bath is complete, Step in and enjoy!

I like to arrange my crystals in a grid on the bottom of the bath, draw sacred symbols into the water and meditate.

If you do not have a guided meditation do not worry, in fact I think for this event, not being guided and really journeying inwardly without influence would be much more powerful, given the intention.

Remember to relax!!!!!! Do not bring your phone, or put it on silent if you are using it for music etc. And keep it somewhere you cant reach,so you wont be tempted to read emails or reply to texts etc. During your Sacred Spiritual Crystal bath, that is a time for releasing, getting in touch with yourself, reflecting, and nourishing your soul by raising your vibration. Not Scrolling or shopping!

Please let me know your experiences with your crystal baths! If you take photos of your spiritual baths please tag me in them on social media or share them in my facebook group - ‘Crystal Clinic with Bianca Eleanor’

IG:@Dakini_crystals #dakinicrystalsrecipe

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