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Super New Moon in Virgo, Crystals for New Beginnings + Discounts & Deals

We have a Super new moon in Virgo coming up August 30th. All new moons are about new beginnings and planting the seeds of intentions for what we want to call into our lives. But this Super New moon in Virgo is going to be SUPER Powerful for new beginnings!

Make sure you read to the end to see my Crystal recommendations for new beginnings, you may want to include some of these suggestions in a new moon grid!

If your loving life right now after the intense dose of Leo energy we have had recently, don’t despair! These new beginnings wont necessarily mean you will break up with your partner, get a new job and move to a different country. It just means all this confident and creativity energy most of us have had recently can be honed and channeled perfectly and powerfully, into whatever area of our lives we choose.

If you have felt the complete opposite of late, this is still the perfect opportunity for you to call in a fresh start or ask for guidance and clarity in your life.

The Virgo new moon effects us collectively by;

- Improving our mental function

(Foggy head should clear, unless your kids are still on summer holidays)

- Helping us get routines running like clock work

(new healthy habits or hobbies should embed with ease)

- New projects of all sizes will be amplified if started during this new moon period (whatever projects you are starting are in alignment with the universe, really give yourself permission to go for it! This is an especially good time to start long term goals)

Of course we are still in the drivers seat and to get the most out of this opportunity in the following weeks, be sure to check in with your own thoughts/thought patterns. Are your daily thoughts and choices setting the correct point of vibration and mindset for you to achieve what you want from life?

If you struggle to be in control of your thoughts or find yourself in negative cycle's caused by your own bad decisions, perhaps its time to make your new beginning regular crystal therapy sessions with me to go deep into healing and clearing what holds you back, or crystal healing to help keep your subtle body and energy functioning in optimal levels.

I will be offering £10 off crystal and energy healing on Sunday 1st September at the Therapy Room Central in Southend on Sea. These sessions will combine Crystal healing, sound healing with Rahanni celestial healing and perhaps a little crystal Reiki. These are not taster sessions and will last approx 60mins for just £25! Not only do you get rock bottom prices in a beautiful Location, but you get to experience a combination of modalities, plus a mini oracle card reading at the end! These sessions will be sure to leave you feeling rejuvenated for a busy month ahead.

*This day excludes the more involved Crystal Transpersonal Therapy, but referrals and pre assessments for this can be made on the day.

If you cant make this date, remember I now have evening and weekend availability, with 10% off your first session and 10% off when you refer a friend.

P.S. I have Lots of workshops coming up over the end of the year and all my clients get 40% off all my workshops!

Now for those crystal recommendations

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