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The End of Mercury Retrograde? Crystal Reading Forecast and Recommendations To Help You Through The

July 31st To the 1st August (depending on where you are in the world) marks ‘the end’ of mercury retrograde and the 2nd new moon of July 2019, a ‘black new moon in Leo’

Mercury retrograde is a time where technology, communication and general flow of everything is upset and stagnated. The best way to deal with this period, and hopefully most of us did, is to slow down and think about where we are, and where we want to go.

Mercury has not been the only one, We have had 6 planets in retrograde recently and for lots of us this has given us the opportunity to view situations and people from a new perspective.

Whether in a positive or negative light, just remember all that has been revealed at this time has been for a reason.

‘It might seem hard now but new doors will open and that betrayal may be a blessing’.

The New moon marks the start of a new lunar cycle and are the best time to plant ‘new seeds’ or intentions.

But wait! Hold tight, what we have now is a period of ‘post -retrograde shadow’, that will last approximately until 15th of August.

This means we will have a chance to re-visit relationships that have been effected during the retrograde. Whether to reconcile, part ways peacefully with closure, or simply assimilate what has just happened.

Even if none of your relationships were effected during retrograde season, It is likely you may have made decisions on what you want or don’t in other areas of your life, we should all take the time to fully reflect and then integrate our new plans during this time. Lots of us will feel out of our comfort zones, or in a rush to start making headway on our new ideas and ventures.

If you do choose to dive in, Don’t loose hope, or doubt yourself, as this shadow period is likely to cause bumpy or slow starts. ‘Just keep swimming’!

This New ‘Black Moon’ in Leo, will provide you with all the power you need to energetically upgrade your game and tackle anything you desire. That ‘out of comfort zone’ I mentioned earlier is just the universe pushing you to become closer to your truest nature and most authentic self.

FAQ: “Its a Black super moon, should I still put my Crystals out?”

My Answer: Its Only a Black moon for some countries in the world, you can google this to find out the exact times and dates for wherever you are in the world. A ‘Black moon’ is a the second new moon in a calendar month.’ A super moon’ means the moon is in close proximity to the earth, but being this is a new moon a.k.a ‘The dark moon’ you probably wont see a thing. However the energy of the new moon should be amplified! So yes! Proceed to place any of your crystals that you wish to cleanse, under the night sky. New Moons are for cleansing crystals, (not charging)

My crystal Recommendations For The Coming Lunar Cycle:

Sunshine Danburite

Danburite is a high vibrational stone with a strong connection to the spirit realms. Yellow or ‘sunshine’ Danburite, brings in that extra element of happiness and joy, helping to facilitate the higher aspects of enlightenment, self acceptance, as well as heightened intellect.

Negative emotions and attitudes that have been caused by miss understandings are eased by its energy with it’s vibration instilling a deep sense of peace and patience.

Also:Tigers Eye , Sunstone, Rainbow Moonstone, Black Kyanite

Reading for the Coming Lunar month 31st July - 15th August 2019

The opportunity/Challenge

Aquamarine, a water element stone, dealing with emotions, and in this deck talks of Clarity and compassion.

It looks like aquamarine has shown up to help us through the post retrograde shadow period. We have the opportunity to re-address situations where our communication has been off, and miss understandings have occurred. The challenge will be whether we can look at a relationship or situation through new compassionate eyes, but at the same time not let this blur the lines of the real picture. Use aquamarine to help you gain clarity on a situation that has occurred recently by releasing the anger that is currently clouding your judgement. After this perhaps you will come to an understanding of why something happened, or why a person has acted in a certain way towards you. Does this warrant forgiveness from you? Does understanding where somebody is coming from mean you have to accept or enable their behavior?

Aquamarine gives us the opportunity to rekindle or cut off relationships or habits. The challenge is viewing the situation with clarity before you make your decision.

The Gift

Amethyst, in this deck governed by the fire element, and is connected to spirit. Amethyst brings with it the gifts of ‘Spiritual alchemy’ and transformation. The violet flame of transmutation comes to mind, and it is a good time to work on clearing your spiritual and subtle bodies. Not only are we fueled by fire, passion and the new moon in Leo, this month our connection to spirit is effortless and available to us at any time. Revelations and transformations await us leading into next month.

If you feel the need for a good cleansing and grounding, or are suffering emotionally at present, I am available for private tailor made one to one Crystal Based therapy sessions.

Don’t forget I can also now facilitate evening and weekend appointments at the tranquil Therapy Room.

If you’ve read this far, thank you very much, look out promos and deals in the next week!

Crystal blessings and Namaste



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