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11 Alternative Crystals to Rose Quartz This Valentines

Rose Quartz is readily available, and a favorable stone by most, and usually one of the first to find its way into collections.

This Valentines day, why not discover another heart based stone, to work with your specific situation and vibration this Valentines day.

For Ultimate unconditional divine love:

Morganite (pink Beryl) - The grandmother to Rose Quartz, where Rose Quartz gives a strong dose of self care, Morganite encompasses you in unconditional love, and reminds us that we are divinely loved and supported. It helps release heartache and turn any type of grief into wisdom. It brings peace and helps you see the bigger picture of your life, and your life's purpose. If you are showing or feeling resistance to the end of a relationship, or a relationship you desire, that has not begun, Morganite will aid you in seeing the bigger picture of your life, and why your hearts desire is being denied at this time.

Emerald - Emerald, also of the Beryl family, helps call in past loves, estranged lovers, soul mates and twin flames. It helps those who have battled with self esteem, and particularly those who have been bullied about their physical appearance. Emerald nourishes the aura with an energy of hope. It is a great heart strengthener in both a physical and emotional sense. Emerald helps you accept and overcome negative experiences in Romantic relationships including victimization.

For those still experiencing the rawness from a fresh breakup, that need to release past lovers:

Dioptase - It helps you treat yourself and others with forgiveness, compassion and to release outdated Karmic ties. Diopside is a powerful activator of the ‘higher heart’, helping you know and feel that which is truly for your highest good. Above all else it gives you the boost and reassurance that it is OK to let go of the past.

Prehnite - Prehnite is like an emotional soap, its has a very gentle and loving energy. Perfect for those with fresh emotional wound, that need to be treated tenderly.

Prehnite often grows with Epidote, this appears as dark green or black pieces on or inside the Prehnite crystal. Epidote changes the ball game and should be worked with carefully, as if you do not ‘program’ your crystal sufficiently Epidote will act as an amplifier - magnifying any negative emotions you are currently experiencing.

For those wanting to attract a new love & become your best self:

Kunzite - Stimulates a connection between the heart and the mind, helping you know what you want, and to listen with your heart.

Breaks down walls that you may have put up regarding your heart to protect yourself, allowing you to present yourself wholly in a new relationship. supports you in expressing your feelings and to communicate with ease.

Spinel - the stone of new beginnings , enhances all positive aspects of your personality, fills you with chi energy and helps raise the kundalini, resulting in reversing exhaustion and rejuvenation so you are ready to mingle at your energetic best.

For those in need of deep emotional healing, that are in a long term process of recovering from emotional & Physical abuse:

Rhodochrosite - This stone excels at deep emotional healing particularly for anyone with inner child wounds. It May drag up things that have been buried or suppressed but will give you the courage to look at this and be their to ‘hold you’ the whole way through. (if you feel this may be the situation for yourself, I would suggest pairing this stone with some Unakite) It can also bring back a childlike joy to your life and stimulate blissful states of optimism.

Pink Smithsonite - Endurance of emotional abuse has a knock on effect on your body as a whole, Emotional, physical and subtle bodies all need recovery. Smithsonite boosts your immune system. It is a great go to stone for those that feel they have reached rock bottom or are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. It aids stress and soothes grief. Smithsonite will help you ease into and allow yourself to enter deeper states of relaxation. Perfect for meditation. If you cant attend a well-being retreat work with some Pink Smithsonite.

For Those planning to indulge in a spot of Tantric Sex this valentines day:

Crocite - Work with Cocite at the root, Scaral and heart chakra to bring passion and vitality to your love life.

This stone has a unique vibration, do not be fooled that it is concerned only with fueling your libido and giving you physical fire. Its energy travels through your entire system and particularly resonates at the higher heart, helping you to love yourself in new ways and be open to experiencing new levels of consciousness during and in regards to love making.

Ruby - Ruby is a stone of pure love and loyalty. Throughout history it has been known as a talisman of of passion, and was used to deepen the connection between two lovers. It helps you devote yourself to another, without feeling like you have to sacrifice any of yourself. It is a highly sensual stone that will allow you to feel sexually attractive.

Garnet - Garnet has been known to attract love and passion to its wearer. It is revitalizing and and balancing. It helps to heal any problems in the sexual organs, and stimulate libido.

In history it has been linked to the Fiery Egyptian goddess Sekhmet and the intense heat of the sun.

Garnet helps you to let go of inhibitions and ask for what you want.