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Crystals for Detox & Weight Loss

Wondering how you can use crystals to aid & Kick start your new year detox or weight loss?

You are in the right place! All the information you need below:

6 easy steps:

1. Start with a Crystal Detox gem water.

Give your body a full flush through, and git rid of all the toxins from indulgent consumption over the holiday period, and also all those extra emotional debris carrying over from 2018.

This is a highly refreshing and deep cleansing tonic, that will not only aid excellent physical health, but leave you feeling emotionally refreshed and hopefully more optimistic about all of the goals you have for 2019.

Shungite, Bloodstone & Chrysoprase.

Simply place one of each crystal (raw or tumbled stone) into some a glass container, with spring or filtered water. Make sure each crystal is cleansed and washed cleaned before hand.

Cover or seal the glass container to stop any dust entering and place in the sun for a minimum of 4 hours, or preferably under a full moon.

I personally like to place the water in the center of an appropriated crystal grid for extra charge, but this is really not essential. Just the intention to purify and cleanse your body will suffice.

I have written about Shungite before in this article. It is my number one crystal fro detoxification.

Bloodstone or ‘Heliotrope’ was traditionally used to heal wounds and detoxify the blood. Bloodstone is said to draw out toxins, including the toxins that are the cause of tumors or illness.

Chrysoprase is like a breath of fresh air. Physically it is great to heal and protect against infection, and correcting any imbalance in the reproductive areas/systems, as well as balancing hormones, soothing digestive problems, and detoxifying harmful metals out of your body. It also Enhances the absorption of vitamin C, and promotes a healthy liver function On an emotional basis, Chrysoprase helps you release any bitterness and disappointment from your past/relationships. And helps you move past the cycle of co-dependency or abuse in relationships.

Feel free to add some freshly sliced Lemon or cucumber, or add the water to a fresh home made smoothie.

2. Try this Detoxifying Healing layout, to clear your mind and draw out negativity and stress.

The piece of Peridot should be placed over your liver, to kick start the detox and promote healthy liver function. If you don't have Peridot available to you you can substitute with some Green Calcite.

If You are left handed you can also switch over the Smokey quartz points that are held in the hands in this layout. Or use two points as appose to a Double terminated point.

Just make sure your non dominant hand/ receiving hand (hand you don't write with) is holding a smokey quartz point facing inwards, and your dominant hand (hand you write with) Is holding the point facing outwards - to direct all the negativity away.

If you can get a friend or family member to activate the crystals whilst they are on your body - even better. (If not you can always come see me, your local Crystal Therapy Expert ;-) )

3. If you are trying to loose weight, try this amazing crystal elixir:

You will need to bottle it adding a preservative (alcohol) and take 3 drops by mouth, 3 times a day in between meals.

All of the Crystals are safe to use the direct method when making the elixir (place directly in the water)

If you are unsure how to make a crystal elixir, check out this article here.

It is Super easy I promise!

  1. Blue Apatite - 2 Medium tumbles or 3 small

  2. Helliodor (yellow apatite) or Sunstone as an alternative 1 small piece or tumble

  3. Casstierite - 1 small piece Or 2pcs of Casstierite in quartz

  4. Larvakite - 1 tumble

  5. Vesuvianite/IUdocrase - 1 tumble

Blue apatite - Suppresses hunger and raises the metabolic rate

Heliodor or Sunstone - To give you the boost in Willpower to achieve goals, and keep you feeling energised.

Cassteireite - corrects obesity, helps heal emotional wounds of rejection

Larvakite - Regulates metabolic functions, helps you achieve goals, and make the right decisions when temptation kicks in, will keep you grounded, increases physical vitality

Idocrase - Releases old patterns/addictions, escape negative cycles of self hate, helps assimilate minerals from food.

4. Break your addictions and Cravings with Amethyst

If you have a particular addiction to food or drink, program an amethyst, (or have a healer do this for you, if you are not confident) to break your addiction to the food/drink, and keep it with you in your pocket, hold it in your receptive hand every time you have a craving. Or for addiction to drinks, place the programmed amethyst in the drink each time you consume it; e.g place it in your glass of wine.

You Should find that you have less of a taste or/desire for the wine over time.

5. Rid cellulite with Iolite

Iolite crystal is supreme at breaking down fatty deposits, Try massaging a rounded ended Iolite wand over cellulite.

6. Crystal Bath

And of course try a detoxifying crystal bath; this can be as simple as some smokey quartz and epsom salts, but feel free to add in any other water safe crystals, salts or essential oils, flowers/herbs you may like. And drink plenty of water after.

Get as indulgent as you like

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