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Tonight's Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse & Crystals

Tonight's full moon is not only a 'Blood Moon', but the longest total Lunar Eclipse of the 21st Century. lasting

5 planets are already in retrograde, a 6th tonight as Mercury enters retrograde

This celestial event is set to pull something out of you that has been lying dormant for a long time. This will bring significant change in one or all areas of your life. Including relationships, career, projects, location. And the re-assessment of your goals. desires and breakdown of your belief systems.

We will all finally be forced to admit the truth about something. Something that you have tried to sugar coat, hide/bury, because this truth is not what you 'want'.

we will learn what we need to loose in order to gain. which can be extremely difficult.

This is not only hard to accept for ourselves, but as everybody will be going through the same thing, there will be extra sensitivity, raw emotions, and often hostile behavior from those around us (the heat doesn't help here in the UK). Meaning that this is the perfect stage and set up for drama and chaos to unfold.

Have faith that whatever changes are made as a result of this event are for the highest good, steering you to a new path, and opening new doors for you.

If you believe in the increasingly inaccurate weather forecasts here in England; it has been forecast to 'storm' by some sources. The storm element itself is a congregation of all the elements combined, and is also symbolic of change and clearing.

Yes, it is safe to put your crystals out under tonight's full moon!

Crystals to work with tonight and the coming weeks

Pietersite- looks like a storm inside a crystal, helps move these changes on at a rapid pace, so if you are ready and welcoming a change, this will help you amplify and achieve it. It also helps you connect to your internal guidance.

pietersite crystal

Labradorite - a crystal that already has strong moon connections, although famed for magic and mysticism, a very much overlooked use of Labradorite is helping you cope with changes. The iridescent layers in

Labradorite are made through its enduring physical shifts whilst in the earth. think about that symbology and its pretty self explanatory.

Selenite - readily available and in most peoples collections, not only does this crystal love the moon. it helps connect us to our higher selves. So for those that need a little more help or clarification about the changes that need to be made at the moment. Meditation with this crystal is a must to help bring on your answers.

Aquamarine - To help us assimilate these changes, and flush through these purges. And well just generally cooling down after all these intense emotions arise. (and also cool down form the hot weather) if you don't have aquamarine, you can substitute for blue calcite, or any other water element crystal.

Morganite - Or pink Beryl, for all those that need belief in themselves, going forward with these changes. Or those that are going to need emotional support after relationship breakdowns. Morganite is the grandmother stone to rose quartz, where Rose Quartz will help bring in self love, Morganite brings us Universal Love, letting us know it has out back, and can receive love from the universe itself, as well as from other people.

Make sure all your crystals are cleansed, before you put them under the moon tonight - if you need any help with this you can get my free ebook on how to cleanse your crystals, by simply entering your email address on my homepage -

Wishing you all a Happy Moon! Peace & Happiness


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