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Why My Crystal Therapy Session's Work!

I just thought I would write this, as my social media keeps reminding me that 'I'm not posting' etc.

Well I still exist, and am busy working on a big project, that I will give details of as soon as concrete details are set.

And I've also been super busy doing some in depth healing with some lovely clients.

If there's one thing I struggle with as a Therapist, it's fighting the urge to not cross the 'professional' line, I just want to befriend and mother everybody, and invite them round for tea.

It's also this attitude that I feel helps me give the best healing sessions, as I truly see everybody as an individual. As you know all my sessions are tailor made, this means I have no pre-made crystal layouts for any one ailment or issue etc.

Even if I am dealing with the same issue with multiple people, it doesn't mean they should be treated the same way. Two people will react differently to the same traumatic event be left with different emotional wounds and scars. I may have two people trying to deal with depression, but their symptoms will be different, how it comes out in them will be different, and their story of how they got into this state will definitely be different. All of which I consider and take into account when designing treatment for you, It's basically Crystal couture, hashtag that!

I am constantly learning, and being presented with new issues from clients that I have never dealt with, so if you have a problem and are wondering whether it is something myself and Crystal Therapy/Healing can help with, the answer is yes!

I specialize in emotional healing and well-being. I have experience in aiding people deal with grief, including grieving for loss of loved ones, from children who have sadly past before their parents, partners and parents. To the many emotions that arise after divorce and separation.

General consistent low mood, by unknown causes is something I also treat frequently.

Inner child healing tends to be a regular theme for me also.

Emotional pain is a horrible dis-ease to suffer, and I deal with every individual with the same level of commitment and effort.

This is not to say that I only treat people in a state of emotional turmoil. I have given beautiful fertility treatment and helped individuals accelerate their spiritual gifts, or just purely relax and de-stress.

Many of my clients come for regular energetic tune-ups, or continue having sessions with me after their main issue is resolved to maintain balance in their lives.

I deal with physical illnesses by basing my treatment around the emotional dis-eases that they are rooted in or stemming from. I have successfully helped many deal with Fibromyalgia related pain, and increase energy levels of those with dis-eases that drain energy and prana. I have treated people with cancer, and with very unique issues stemmed from accidents and operations.

Why have Crystal Therapy with me? The answer to this is simple, my therapy allows and facilitates the grieving process, which is really the only way you can 'heal'.

9/10 of my clients have tried some form of talking therapy, for the same issue they are coming to me for, and have found the talking therapies had prior, had no positive effect.

If you have some kind of talking therapy, you will bring up the issues with the therapist, then...go home...

Perhaps if having CBT they will give you a worksheet so you can star rate how upset you feel next time you have a breakdown. I'm not bashing this, if it works for you that's amazing! But for a lot of people, reaching for a folder and writing down their thought process, of how they logically got to his moment int their life, is not going to stop them from spiraling deeper into their negative thoughts. If you have an anxiety attack on a bus, its not likely your first thought is going to be to pull out that piece of paper, nor are you likely to remember to score that one in your diary later.

Even specialist types of therapy, such as psychotherapy, which I am also not

trying to put down, (something I also study myself), will only help so far, as it only deals with the issue on n intellectual level; a therapist may tell you WHY you feel or behave a certain way. But this is not to say you wont go out and repeat these behavior patterns again for the next 20 worst finding out the reason/s for your problem/s can lead to you using it as an excuse to continue to exercise the same mistakes and behaviors you already do.

In a way talking therapies are similar to prescribed drugs and medications for mental health;

They are designed to make you disconnect and 'feel' less. This in turn 'blocks' the healing process, but may 'numb' the pain, making you dependent on the drugs. Great for the pharmaceutical industry, bad for you, with unknown long term side effects, and eventually loosing a part of yourself, and the ability to 'feel' and connect, effecting the quality of relationships and life experience you are able to have.

Any Mental health service you are entitled to as part of the NHS in England is designed to block the healing process, get your emotions under control, so you can go back out into society and fit into the countries 'system'.

This is not to say that every 'talking' therapist is out their to cash in on your problems, it has been for a long time the only way we collectively know how to deal with it.

When you embark on Crystal Therapy with me, the aim is to get to the root causes of your issues, allow you to release them, go through the grieving process, and facilitate your own self healing, ultimately bringing all your systems into balance and harmony.

This is often achieved over several sessions. So you are not dependent on me for emotional stability ( I should really charge more!). I can not promise however, you will not want to come back to me for a crystal energy fix or that you won't acquire a crystal addiction...

In Summary, Crystal Therapy is for anyone and everything, as long as you are willing to do the work that needs to be done, and come out of the other side.

'No job to small', please contact me or visit my website for further details and booking.

Crystal Blessings and Namaste

Bianca xxx

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