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What does it all mean? Dakini's and the Jewel in the Lotus

The meaning behind my branding: What is a Dakini? Why a Dakini? And the Jewel in the lotus.

So that you can get to know me a little better I would like to share with you a little bit about the name and logo of my company.

For those that are not 'readers', there is a short video outlining the content of this post below. Feel free to skip right ahead to that.

Have you ever wondered...what IS a Dakini? Well, even though there is an entire page on my website, dedicated to more fully explaining this (click here to go to that page now) I thought I would explain further why I chose to incorporate them.

I often get compliments on how my branding looks, however there is a whole other layer of meaning it beyond the aesthetic of looking pretty.

After deciding on the name 'Dakini' Crystal therapies, I started with an image of a nebula, which represents the cosmos.

The cosmos itself represents Dakini's, as they are Cosmic Souls.

A Dakini's Light side, is represented by a lotus, and they are often depicted standing on one.

So I thought I would adopt the lotus as part of my logo.

But it couldn’t just be a lotus. A lotus is something that is seen and has become associated a lot with holistic practices and related content, soo many people opt to have or use a lotus on their business cards etc. So I didn't want to be a lost meaningless lotus.

So I thought I would put a crystal/jewel in the lotus, because this is my tool of choice, crystals are how I connect to these cosmic energies. It also symbolizes the work with crystals that need to be done to go through the shadow work and reach the 'light side' the lotus represents.

Then I realized, I had made a logo that also symbolizes 'The Jewel in the Lotus'.

Better known in the Buddhist Mantra Form:

Om, Mani, Padme, Hum.

So what is the jewel in the lotus?

The lotus grows through mud. Just like we all go through crap in life, still it emerges beautiful.

The circumstances it goes through to emerge, do not effect it's purity.

Chakras are based on lotus's, each with a different amount of petals. And the shape of a lotus also looks like a crown, like the 'crown chakra'.

Those humans that are thought of as 'enlightened' through out history tend to be depicted with bright white light, emanating from their heads like 'halos', which means there crown chakras are open,active and hella strong!

Yet like us, the lotus still has its roots buried in the mud, it is still of this earth.

When we reach a state of peace in life, this is often a result of gaining wisdom and insight. Perhaps our crown chakras are open at that point.

Yet we never forget the mud we had to go through, grow through and rise above to get there, like the lotus. It is part of our story and our journey.

We are both spiritual beings and beings of this earth.

The lotus, is then therefore, also a symbol of the cosmos.

And the Jewel, a representation of man's divinity living within the lotus.

Or if you look at it from the other perspective; the Jewel of cosmic divinity living within man/the lotus.

Both meaning,I am in you, you are in me. We are all part of the divine, we are all divine beings, we are all connected. We are all stardust. As above, so below.

And just as the jewel can take away poverty in life, the realization of your own divinity can take away the 'hardship of the mind.'

Similarly to the way I use jewels and crystals in my work to help restore balance and clarity to your mind.

So Dakini's themselves mean different things to different belief systems, but what is intended in the name 'Dakini Crystal Therapies' to me is the overall qualities that cross over into every system.

Depending on the dialect, Dakini translates as 'sky goer' or 'sky dancer. Dakini's are not quite Angels, faeries or Goddesses. They are there own category, of cosmic beings that bring you to spiritual liberation and union.

you do not 'worship' Dakini's. Although some have associations with elements, there is no names and hierarchy, like with Archangels.

So although they can be defined as archetypal, you do not have to build an alter to worship them, as they are not thought of as external entities, who's blessings need to be invoked. They are manifestations of the mind, so their qualities lie within all of us.

This reminds me of my own work as a healer; I help others to get in touch with whatever they need to heal themselves.

I hope this gets the point across clearly to you. I think I will end this post here to prevent tangents and information overload!

Wishing you all peace and happiness!


Dakini Crystal Therapies Southend crystal healing om mani padme hum

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