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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head massage, also known as champissage, is a massage therapy that focuses on the scalp, head, face and shoulders.

The massage focus's on 'Marma' points, this is similar to meridian points and acupuncture points.

It is a complimentary therapy and offers a great range of health benefits.

It is a non invasive therapy and is performed with the client remaining clothed and in a seated position.

Traditionally the use of hot oils are applied to the scalp in the beginning of the massage, but this part can be skipped by client request. (although not advised, if you wish to gain the full benefits)

Oils are chosen at the beginning of the session to suit your skin type, as well as adding to the relaxation of the therapy, the oils will help moisturise a dry scalp and promote hair growth.


Benefits Of having an Indian Head massage


  • Stress relief and invoking relaxation

  • Improves joint mobility – particularly in the shoulders for those that work desk jobs

  • Alleviates fatigue

  • Helps the flow of lymph in your blood – improves waste removal and supply of oxygen and nutrients around the body

  • Improves the condition of hair

  • Helps new hair growth – particularly good for premature balding and Alopecia areata

  • Can help remove lactic acid from the muscles – which in turn eases muscle aches

  • Lowers blood pressure – your heart rate will decrease through the treatment as a result of relaxation

  • Boosts immune system – improved delivery of white blood cells through blood vessel dilation

  • Helps relieve congestion and sinusitis

  • Clears the mind, improving concentration and alertness

  • Can help improve your sleep patterns

  • Relaxes your nervous system by stimulating the release of endorphins


A beautiful and Relaxing Experience for all!


Although not essential, it is beneficial for you to wear clothes that give easy access to the top of your shoulders/neck. For example a vest top/cami top. If you are opting to include oils in your treatment, please take into consideration the possibility of oils dropping on to your clothes as well.


The oils applied to the head are intended to remain on for a few hours. For women with longer hair having this treatment, you may want to bring a hair band to put your hair up until you are able to wash the oils out at home.


The oils used will often include a blended carrier oil with an essential oil, this will be discussed with you prior to application.


(please notify me of any allergies you have and/or medical conditions, if you have not already done so in a pre-assessment, as this treatment can not be carried out without a doctors note, for some medical conditions)

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