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CRYSTAL Ayurveda Facials


Beauty trends come and go, but the use of crystals and gemstone therapy has been around for centuries!

Crystals are once again becoming re-accepted by society, for their healing benefits, and one of those ways is to let them breathe new life into our beauty regimes.

My Crystal facials contain the use of crystals combined with ancient Ayurveda massage techniques and 100% natural ingredients that are selected to match your skin type and prepared fresh at the beginning of your session. (Authentic ingredients, nothing I use is premixed from a plastic tube)

Get High VIbe Skin!

Crystals, gemstones and mineraloids are made up of the same elements you may find added into your favourite beauty products, such as calcium, zinc, copper and Iron, these elements are beneficial to your skin.

For example Zinc found in crystals such as spinel help regulate your oil glands and boost your skins immune response.

The facial massage target's your marma points, and help lymphatic drainage.

Alongside this I use exotic natural ingredients, derived from plants, flowers and earth, that I blend and prepare based on individual needs during the session. These Ayurvedic ingredients, such as ; Azadirachta indica (a.k.a Neem), Maltani Mati and Rubia cordifolia (a.k.a Manjishta) and Rose water, to name but a few, have been used for centuries, and offer fast results.

These selected ingredients contain endless amounts of benefits, such as antibacterial, drawing out impurities, anti inflammatory, wrinkle reducing and pore reducing.

Making these facials particular beneficial for those with acne, blemish prone or scarred skin, dull skin and those that wish to see younger brighter and radiant looking skin.


Crystal facials have the potential to surpass standard skin care because our bodies recognize the organic nature of the earth.

Why have a Crystal Ayurveda Facial with me?


I will use my range of 100% natural exotic ingredients & Beautiful Crystals, to prepare a treatment that is right for your skin type and skin ailments.


The powerful combination of healing crystals and these natural ayurvedic ingredients offer endless benefits and can compliment any skin type


  • clears up acne fast

  • anti inflammatory and antibacterial

  • reduces blemishes

  • shrinks pores – better than any make up primer

  • reduces the risk of further breakouts

  • moisturises dry skin

  • brings balance to oily skin

  • reduces the appearance of scars

  • evens skin tone

  • increases skin brightness and radiance

  • exfoliates and eliminates dead skin cells

  • eases out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • cross links collagen and elestin in skin tissues

  • reduces and reverses signs of ageing

  • maintains healthy lymphatic drainage

  • oxygenates skin

  • stimulates cell regeneration

  • calms and cools skin conditions

  • helps your skin better absorb vitamins and minerals

  • instils relaxation, leading to less stress and better sleep

  • can help clear your mind and improve clear thinking and alertness

  • holistically clear negativity and congestion from your energetic field


Indulge In this luxurious natural treatment that was reserved for the queens of the past and let your inner goddess emerge!

Patch Tests

If you are booking a facial with me, I will ask you about the condition of your skin, and then send you a list of ingredients I intend on using,

It is probable that you will not know whether or not you are allergic to these, if you have never come in to contact, or used them before. There is less chance of you having an allergic reaction to these ingredients as they are natural, however, it is possible to arrange a patch test with me.


If you would like to do so, I will prepare a small sample pot for you that you will be able to collect from me, and do a skin patch test in the inside of your elbow prior to your full facial booking.

Patch tests are non essential, but you will be required to sign a disclaimer for all sessions. (I can not be held accountable to any reactions you may have during or after the facial)

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